Gaspard, Melchior and Balthazar showering sweets in the streets of Granada......

I thought I had enough of the fiestas navideñas. I thought I was saturated with it. I thought my brain was in black mood because of the world news and then, on monday night, as we mingled with the crowd in the streets of Granada watching the cabalgata (parade) and waiting for the Three Kings to appear, we were just as giddy as the kids who squealed with delight every time candies were thrown at them by the Kings.

I had three adorable elderly ladies on my right side who were enjoying the parade even more than the children. They kept marvelling at every detail, shouting at one another : "¡oh mira ! mira..mira este !" (look...look...look at that one). They were so cute, I just felt like hugging them. They told me, they watched the parade every year and would never miss it.

After saying goodbye to my three little friends and los Reyes, we headed to our night destination, the Gar-Anat hotel in the Realejo district, where a room was waiting for us, on the first floor with three small balconies.

Each room door is masked by white transparent curtains on which the name of the room is printed. Ours was called "Serena de amarillos" (serene in shades of yellow)

we loved the all white enormous bed and the white veils hanging from a very high celing, on each side

Monchéri looked so tiny in that bed !

Above our heads , a colorful painting made us dream of summer and poppies in the fields

I will tell you more about this charming little hotel tomorrow as it's already very late here. Today i had to catch up with work and had very little time to visit you but I will tomorrow !

Rasta luego !

pics : me


Cynthia said…
What a beautiful little end to your charming fiestas navidenas. The soft white room at the GarAnat hotel seemed like a sleep in the clouds.
Dakota Bear said…

Thank you for the charming description of your experience at the Three Kings Parade.

Your hotel room looks devine. I liked the picture of the door. When I'm in Europe one of the things I photograph are the doors. I find them to be so different from what we have here in the US.
Niki said…
Wow that hotel room looks awesome! I want to stay there! And now I'm totally inspired to hang a painting on the roof of my bedroom! :)
This looked like so much fun Lala! And that hotel!! I love how they printed the name of the rooms on the gossamer curtains. Was it like sleeping in the clouds? You must have had beautiful dreams after that colorful fiesta.
dutchbaby said…
This sounds like a perfect day. A charming parade followed by a bed that looks like a giant cloud!

Happy Three Kings Day!
Gabbi said…
I love parades, wish we had one for that holiday here too and the Gar-Anat hotel sounds very romantic! I need to travel more... :)
Feliz Dia de Reyes (belatedly)! Thanks for such a lovely post.

Greetings from London.
I like the looks of that hotel... looking forward to your next post.
Linda Sue said…
Lala- beautiful!Looks like there is room in that bed for many...What a wonderful post! Thanks for allowing us to tag along..
Celebration and then serenity, what a lovely contrast!
David Engel said…
Hi Lala,

What a lovely event. I wish I could've been there. And I love your pictures. Quite nice. Then how romantic to spend the evening in GarAnat.
Estela said…
How awesome! I live in Spain too and I can never miss the parade, it's very beautiful to see, magical! I feel like a child! :D

Sorry, my name is Estela. We have a blog, it is called "", we talk about cultural recommendations. As some of us are from Andalucía there're some places from there that we talk about. Come and read us!

Hope you like it!
BYe BYe!
(it's in spanish, so those who don't speak so much this is perfect to improve it! ;-D )
maaaaaa said…
The pictures are so cute!!
I thought I want to go to Spain too.
Staci said…
That is utterly charming. All of it..the parade, the little old women, the hotel, the bed, the curtains, the painting. I love the photo of moncheri in the bed!! He does look tiny!!!
Mélanie said…
I love these hotel rooms , they look different . I like it
Gabbi said…
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Lynne said…
charming! i love all the white!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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