In a bucolic mood : Biodurcal restaurant in the Lecrin valley

Our beautiful spring makes me feel like converting myself into a little bergère (shepherdess) or a romantic farmer (does this exist?). Nearly everyday now, around 1 o'clock I feel the urge to get out and have a drink, somewhere nice, if possible in the countryside, outside the village. Yesterday, Monchéri suggested to have aperitivo and tapas at Biodurcal, a charming farm restaurant outside the village...alas it was closed but never mind, we spent a lovely time, saluting the rooster and his court.....
the restaurant faces a splendid orchard of apple trees. Next to it, there is a biological vegetable garden which supplies the kitchen. We had lunch here a few times and the food is really delicious and isn't it pleasant at this time of the year to eat outside while looking on blossoming trees ?

although the façade of the restaurant is a little bit austere....usually tables and chairs are set in the sunny side, facing the orchard
at the other end, a little pond has been created
for the friendly ducks and co

well...I guess we'll have to come back this week end.....

Wishing you lightness of heart for this upcoming week end !
And yes....I will be baking again, something very easy this time
(a French dessert which starts with a p... can you guess ?)

pics : me
farm restaurant Biodurcal outside Durcal
Lecrin valley - south of Granada


Where there is love, anything exists ;-)
Let that romantic farmer in you shine as spring sashays.

French dessert! Let me are making Pièce montée?!
Enjoy your weekend!
Oh that duck with the ruby-red beak is very photogenic! She's quite the Marilyn Monroe amongst her peers.
Susana said…
Bonitos manzanos!!! Sounds like you are having a lovely time... and spring has finally arrived!

I hyave no idea about french desserts... but look forward to seeing the outcome of your baking weekend!!!

I wish the computer could convey the scent that must have permeated the orchard. Spring is just glorious! It will arrive here soon....
Tara Dillard said…
I am lost in your pictures. The trees & meadow. A mini-vacation.
Thank you.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Kasey said…
So pretty! It's been raining here for 3 days straight. Thanks for sharing the sunshine.
Dakota Bear said…
The pictures are fabulous. I really like the pictures of the apple blooms.

My guess is petit four
Linda Sue said…
delightful, beautiful shots. So refreshing I can almost feel the fresh air and smell the blossoms! I think a drink three times a day is in order in the countryside- so dreamy!I SO needed these wonderful pictures today, still on the edge of winter here.
Indyeah said…
the blossoms take my breath away!so beautiful !and the other photographs too sunny and warm and happy:))
may you have many more wonderful vacations such as this!:)love
spring indeed is in the air:)
Sara said…
The blossoms are so beautiful!
Vinita said…
The pictures are a real treat to watch. Capturing reality as it is. By the way, where did you get your header image? looks very different, are they any particular sect.
Elizabeth said…
How lovely and spring like!
Much love.
Have been travelling and out of the loop!
Cynthia said…
What a lovely post. I'm enchanted with the apple blossoms and tickled by the vain duck...and isn't that rooster a bit too proud?

Lala Ema, may you have an abundant spring of joy in your life. <3
Simonetta said…
que lindo que lindo o seu olhar!
você está muito linda no meio do campo de flores silvestres.
também estive no "nosso campo" (meu e do meu moncheri). venha me visitar.
te desejo toda a felicidade do mundo!
Spring's here, too! A beautiful post, as usual, and yes, romantic farmers exist, how else to go about the business of milking cows? Many thanks.

Greetings from London.
Mélanie said…
what a lovely place ! so quiet and peaceful
claudine said…
i have never seen apple trees nor apple trees blossoming. thanks for sharing this with anyone and everyone around the world!
Anonymous said…
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