Cherries for ever......

Our little saga of bucolic sundays continues with a visit to our friend Antonia who lives outside my village in cherry land or should I say, cherry orchard paradise....I always tell her, I'd never be able to do one tenth of what she achieves every day. Antonia is an artist and she also works hard on her land, picking cherries in summer and selling them, making wine in autumn, growing vegetables. She also has a few goats and makes cheese. Let's add to this, a few hens and roosters, little frogs, cat and dog...When she's in the mood, she takes up her brushes and paints and exhibits her work now and then. I just don't know how she does it all!
The house was built little by little. There was no bathroom, no kitchen

Antonia made part of the floors herself

the sunny terrace....once you sit there, it's quite difficult to make a move
here is our charming hostess
she set up her studio in her bedroom.

because the place is quite cold in winter, Antonia escapes to warmer territories during the winter months

after teatime, it's milking time...The little goat keeps jumping up and down the roof. So cute!
it's also teatime for the goats...yum...plenty of good things which will give a splendid flavor to the milk
wouldn't you like to taste the cheese Antonia makes with such a delicious milk?
tomorrow and during the whole week, there's a lot of cherry picking to do....Monchéri will give a hand
er....I will my own way, that is....Would you care to join ?

Happy monday to you !
I'll be back on wednesday to answer some tags

pics : me, Monchéri

you can see more of Antonia's work on her site


Linda Sue said…
This is the most beautiful post EVER! Thank you for the breath of fresh air and the cherries- my favorite! Lovely in every way, Lala. Thank you! I did cherry picking in Kent one summer- it was esthetically pleasing though challenging because of the high narrow ladders and the fussiness of clipping each cherry off with thumb nail at the base of the stem. Beautiful, however! Love your friend's cottage and animals- - loads of energy!
David Engel said…
Hi Lala,

And to think that I have to rely on cherry yogurt that I just purchased! Aren't you lucky! Love the picture of the little goat on the little roof!


those bright red cherries make wonderful least for a little bit! Ummmm.....fresh cherries, warm from the sun....delicious.
dutchbaby said…
Your friend does look like she's an amazing talent, but so are you. How do you keep the birds from eating the cherries before you get to harvest them? We always have to put netting over the trees to protect the cherries.

I love the curly-cue mirror in the third photo.

Mmmm, some goat cheese sounds good about right now.
Kudos to Antonia! Full of energy indeed!
M said…
Thank you for showing us a bit of wonderland. Your friends is pretty much amazing....and I couldn´t stop laughing when I scrolled down the page, saw her picture and thought: 'great...and the woman is beautiful as well!'

Anyway, beautiful post, beautiful person you´re showing us and beautiful person you are, always spoting the most amazing places.

Que tengas una buena semana, besitos!
Thanks for this peek into your life and Antonia's. She is as fabulous as you. How I would love to have a little place like that. Those cherries look luscious. Time for Cherry clafouti. See you on Wednesday! (And thank you so much for your sweet comments, Lala.)
Maria Killam said…
So beautiful! Fun to see the goats eating apples that makes the milk yummy, and to be in your world for a minute or two!
pranksygang said…
wow !!.. this place is simply heaven.. i wanna spend some time in it! this place reminds me of my village! so beautiful.... have fun..
and the cherries look delicious.. and the paintings were awesome!
What a sparkling day in CherryLand!

(I so adore picking cherries ... . )

Anairam said…
What a lovely spot your friend lives in - idyllic! She is certainly a powerhouse of energy - wow!
I love her beautiful artwork and what seems to be a simple life. live off the land. What a nice break from my city life.
ResidentExpat said…
I LOVE!!! these posts. I love the photos and oh...what a wonderful life in the country :-).

Ok, bueno, un dia,....regresso a Espana...

Maybe I'll have to break down and but the El Gordo lotteria...
DolceDreams said…
I just love your commentaires and beautiful glimpses into your life...
thank you
Mélanie said…
J'adore cette vie au milieu de la nature et en commençant à lire ton article , je pensais à t'écrire que ces belles cerises feraient de belles boucles d'oreille te voilà sur la dernière photo avec de beaux bijoux
Diana said…
So gorgeous! I want to find a place that looks like that in the winter...hmmm...maybe southern hemisphere:-)
onegoldensun said…
What a charming place this is. I love the quaint artful cottage, I long for a little place like this for myself some day. Lovely!
Fifi Flowers said…
I want a cheery tree and that studio!!! Thanks for the visit!
Simonetta said…
lala!!! que delícia!!!
amo cerejas!!!
aqui no rio de janeiro só tem no final do ano e...importadas...
você está divina!
besos besos
Christina said…
Lala, the portrait is glorious!
Relyn said…
That mirror! Oh, that lovely mirror. And her studio. I have no idea why, but I adore images of studios. They make me feel dreamy and inspired. Every time.
SE'LAH... said…
Oh my! I'm so ready to come visit.

The portrait is divine. That brick table is awesome. I love them all...

Wonderful! Thanks for making my day.
Jeff Shattuck said…
I agree with Christina... the portrait is glorious. I keep going back to it. Fantastic.

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