Counting the sheep...counting my blessings

I was much too lazy yesterday to make my way to blogging land. In fact I wish I were still there in the countryside near Nigüelas, watching the sheep enjoy their lunch of fresh herbs. There is something so peaceful about it.

In the end, we did make it to Gym's cortijo as on sunday, the weather was all summery again. The plants had grown and are now fully exuberant

we had a little tea party with homemade apple pie and chocolate browniesMonchéri looked like a romantic shepherd
Little Lucas and Ivo played with swords in the jungle
but also had a good deal of chocolate brownies
it was nice to while away the hours chatting and we made the promise to get together more often
can the good alchemy of friendship be explained ?
I'm actually counting my blessings to be able to share these precious moments
because at the end of day, the joy and the laughters still echo in our heart.

My lovelies, my dear readers I wish you a very happy start of the week.

Also I would like to thank all of you who follow my little blog. I'm desperately a lazy girl but I promise to visit you sometime. I already feel bad not to visit my fellow bloggers in a consistent way !

pics : me


Lovely photos! I remember with fondness the super hero/warrior phase my own sons went through. Swashbucklers with brownies....too cute!

Friendship is an amazing gift.
Alette Siri Ane said…
Please you are not lazy ,do not say this , you give so much of yourself !
Lovely photos and a beautiful countryside! I have an affinity for windows & doorways, so I'm fairly smitten by your pictures!
Anonymous said…
The photos make me want to visit Spain even more!

It was a treat watching them.

Greetings from Nairobi,
You bring out the castle out of every place you visit in Spain.
This is why I love, love, love coming here...
Gorgeous pictures!
Dakota Bear said…
Wonderful photos,I like the way you capture the light and shadows.

Have a good week and continue to enjoy life.
Delphine said…
Hi! You have left me with a lovely lethargic feeling, I can smell the countryside and feel the heat!
I left a message yesterday to say that I have tagged you! I hope you don't mind! It is an easy one to do, see my yesterdays post. Have fun!
Patricia said…
Your posting was delightful. The photographs illustrated the story of your afternoon perfectly!

Thank you for sharing your charming life.
CailinMarie said…
Oh! Thank you! !y Gracias! I am suddenly nostalgic for childhood memories. For two years my father (a military pilot) was in Spain and we were not on American bases but at a Spainish base and so I attended Puerta Palma in Badajoz with my sister. Luckily my parents were interested in experienceing as much as possible and we traveled all over Extremadura and Anadalucia. !I even danced at La Ferria in Sevilla one year! Sadly I have lost my Spanish but my secret wish is to take my children to live there for a year or two so we can all learn together.
Indyeah said…
Thanks for sharing Lala :)
no you are not lazy at all:) you share so generously :) all the time :) the pics,, the descriptions :)
love them all:)
Such a lovely lazy feeling you have conveyed in all your wondrous photos --

I think I will head to my hammock ... .

dutchbaby said…
Lovely images - all so inviting. When you have time, I would like to invite you over to dutchbaby; I was hoping for some of your help. There is also a surprise waiting for you ;-)
Claire said…
dreamy, really dreamy...
Kim said…
How lovely. You have the nicest photos, capturing a wonderful moment with good friends and yummy treats, surrounded by quaint beauty.
Sara said…
Hi Lala! This is a lovely story, with great photos too. Yes, you are blessed indeed. Good friends are really a treasure. Moncheri looks wonderful in that cap!
kendalee said…
It looks like a special weekend Lala! Friends and chocolate brownies - great combination!!! :o)
Many thanks for those beautiful shots. So, you have the Hay festival over there, too. I am so jealous, I have always wanted to attend the one in Wales.

Greetings from London.
Diana said…
I feel peaceful just looking at your photos...what a lovely weekend!
Merisi said…
Thank you for sharing this beautiful days in the country with us - I felt right there! :-)

The last picture, with the evening sun striking trousseau chest, chair and chest of drawers, is a story of its own.
Susana said…
Oh Lala! Qué fotos tan bonitas!!! Se respira paz, sosiego y sensación de hogar... me encanta!
Mélanie said…
Lala, je ne te blame pas . J'adore recevoir des petits commentaires mais parfois j'ai moi même peu de courage pour rendre visite à la blogosphère. Mais dès que le courage revient , j'adore récupérer tous les posts
Niki said…
Thanks for sharing your life with us! I love to see the photos of what life is like in your country! It's truly beautiful!
Yoli said…
Lala que bellas fotos y que guapo Monchéri!!!!
Relyn said…
That's some enchanted life you're living. Of course, you know that. You choose it. I love these peaks into your life and your friendships. The images are beautiful as well. Especially that last one. Oh my!
paris parfait said…
Looks and sounds like a special day with special people. Great photos, too. xo
wow, beautiful!!

ps. check out our blog! :)
lai-mai said…
Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog! It is my dream to visit Spain and you make it look even more beautiful in your photos :)

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