The Hay Festival in Granada ends gloriously with Seckou Keita and Toumani Diabate

Oh it's been a hard day and it's only now at past midnight that I trudge along towards blogland, to show you some pics of last night concert in Granada of kora masters Toumani Diabate and Seckou Keita. I'll be back tomorrow with more pics of the jam session in the morning which was quite fun and the 4 hour concert in the evening. Are you familiar with this divine string instrument ? Here below is Toumani Diabate playing his kora.
the singer/griot was absolutely fabulous

Just for now, I leave you with a video of Toumani Diabate, performing in Seville, a year ago.
Enjoy it ! and hasta mañana !


Thank you for introducing me to this interesting instrument! Strung like a harp, but with a sound box making it sound more like a guitar.

Music is such a great harmonizer between cultures and peoples.
Anonymous said…
That definitely looked like fun!
Gillian said…
If there is a Heaven, when I get there, I'd like to hear Toumani play this for all eternity.
Tim Irving said…
Looks great! Was the weather goood?
I've been won over by the kora slowly in the last ten years or so. And you even had a clip produced by World Circuit. Nick Gold is an acquaintance of mine and the work he is doing with Africa and Latin America is excellent. Many thanks. I look forward to your next batch of photos.

Greetings from London.
David Engel said…
Good Morning Lala,

It just occurred to me that if you did a music blog you could call it...

Fa lalalalalala! What do you think about that?!?!?!!?

As Always,

David Engel said…
And another thing...

Jack Dejohnette, Foday Musa Suso - Music From The Hearts Of The Masters (2006) -

This is a great Kora recording with Jazz Great Jack DeJohnette and a Kora Master featured at another nice blog -

Just thought y'all might enjoy this!

Kim said…
Thank you so much for introducing me to this wonderful musician. Right after I read your blog I went to itunes and put a bunch of his music on my ipod. His sound filling my head is pretty amazing.
Great music from the kora. First time getting to know about it. Thanks.
Christina said…
I can't stop listening. Tears and love : ) I look at both of these post and know my spirit has traveled so far beside you.

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