in praise of bucolic sundays....

Once again, our little gang got together at Gym's cortijo, yesterday for lunch. To get to Gym's little country house, you have to walk down a stone path and cross orchards and vegetable gardens. I love this door, the only remnant of a former house
Monchéri makes his way through the lush vegetation, carrying sardines in his basket
the little wooden bridge needs some repair but still looks good
the little boys, Lucas and Ivo are already here, ready to get into action

everybody's got something to do. Dave grills the sardines with his little helper
I prepared the grilled red peppers, with garlic and olive oil
Gym made this beautiful salad
Ellie made the apple pie. She's expecting her baby in july. Actually don't you think I look pregnant too ? alas, it's just from eating too much...Monchéri didn't approve of my flower tied round the neck, so here I show him that it can look better in the hair too
Ivo needs to change outfits at least twice, just for the fun of it
after tea, the hamac is quite tempting for a short nap
after we finish cleaning up the table of course
Gym now has two more little guests to feed
...her two little goats...they're so cute and always seem to cry like babies when Gym is away
there is always so much to do...picking up rotten oranges
the little boys are now quiet and concentrate on their painting
Monchéri picks up his book
when the sun goes down, we are all a bit sad to part but...until next time !

Have a great start of the week !


Helena said…
You guys really know how to live life! It looks so wonderfully relaxing and great to spend a day with friends in the country.

And no, you don't look pregnant. :-)
Peaceful, quiet and a red peppers to boot! Whay do you this to me :-)? Beautiful post. Excellent photos. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.
Mélanie said…
love this kind of day !! If I would have a cabanon I would make party every week end ! I have to buy one
David Engel said…
Hi Lala,

Another wonderful weekend for you! Looks lovely. I always want to transport myself. The kids look so great in their costumes. So pensive while painting!
I went to a lovely wedding and then celebrated Eric's birthday yesterday. Today we're off to celebrate my Dad's 87th.

All the best to you & yours,

Such a wonderful day spent! All far from the noise and crowd of a busy place. Excellent!
Anairam said…
It looks like the perfect weekend lunch - a lovely rustic spot, friends, beautiful women, and good food. I'll never say no to grilled sardines and roasted red peppers!
The pictures are lovely. Those two little boys bring back such happy memories my own two boys are now 18 and 20 (daughter 24) and I remember all the costume play very fondly.
Christina said…
For a moment, I imagined growing up as a child in a place so beautiful. It must do wonders for the soul.
I love you.
PS: Yum!
Niki said…
Wow this place is so amazingly beautiful! I would love to visit such a day :)

SE'LAH... said…
Talk about nature walks...this is fabulous!!! Brought back such great childhood memories. I love this post!

p.s. Thanks for hopping over to the UK to hang out today ;-)
DolceDreams said…
What a storybook day! The children are are beautiful, the food looks incredible..wish I were there...I will invite myself alond :)
Happy week to you,
Dolce Dreams
CailinMarie said…
such a lovely day!
Tim Irving said…
We couldn't come because our Irish neighbours turned up and stayed for 2 hours.

I finished the cafe film!!! It's on the blog now.

Susana said…
Your weekends always are so colourful and fantastic, Lala! And the sardines... what can I say. They look delicious, I absolutely LOVE sardines!!!
sunnymama said…
Wonderful pictures, it looks simply idyllic! The little boys look so cute in their costumes and it looks like everyone is having so much fun. Love the hammock.

Thanks for calling by at our blog for Se'Lah's guest post on Monday :)
ResidentExpat said…
Everything looks too good! :-)

I would like the recipe please....that salad...yum...

I don't know if you can find my blog now that I've made the profile private
pranksygang said…
the pictures are gr8 and very natural! you look good!
The grilled red peppers look so enticing! I'm drooling!
ieishah said…
i spent my easter sunday in the mountains in serbia in similar fashion... thanks for the memories. love your blog!

fellow expat in spain (barcelona)


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