Oh summer...oh...ice cream

Suddenly it's summer here and summer in Granada rhymes with ice cream...but not any kind of ice cream. The true connaisseur goes to Los Italianos, calle Reyes Catolicos, simply because they're the best !

busy little bees in their immaculate white jacket

yo tambien quiero un helado

simple, doble ? cucurucho, una tarrina...que quieres ?

why do you run ? ...am not going to steal your ice cream...
I've got mine...want some? pistachio-raspberry ...mmm...
Can someone explain why pomegranate ice cream doesn't exist in Granada ?

Have a lovely week end !

If I have the courage, i''ll be back tomorrow to answer some tags...if

Los Italianos : one of the oldest ice cream parlour in Granada on calle Reyes Catolicos.
helados artesanales, of course....great choice of flavors and..granizados


I have been craaaaving ice cream and your selections sound delicious! What a shop too! I was just telling my husband that I want to buy an ice cream machine so that I can finally try all those recipes I've been collecting over the years. Have another lovely weekend in Spain.
Catherine xx
David Engel said…
Hi Lala,

Make mine a double! And to think that I've been ignoring one of my true loves, ice cream! At least I can indulge in it vicariously through your delicious post. Lately I've been known to enjoy a granola, semi frozen yogurt, honey, and whipped cream dessert. Still I miss that 1/2 pint of Ben & Jerry's that I had been enjoying frequently.

Ciao Bella!

Amber said…
Hmm, Sweden is full of icecream munchers too. Their favourite is salted licorice though- yuck! I like the traditionals myself!
Spangle said…
Oh yum......There are some great ice cream parlours here, but they're nothing on that one! Have a good weekend!
Anonymous said…
:) Sounds like the place to be is Granada... :)
I've just read about violet ice cream in Vienna ... . now you're taking me on the Granada ice cream tour:
How can I sit at home with my vanilla???
You look divine!
Love that necklace --- -

dutchbaby said…
Great photos! This looks like a place I would visit every day if I was in the area. Just as well :) I love pistachio gelato also! You pose a very good question there at the end.
Susana said…
Hola Lala! Estás muy guapa toda de blanco! Hace calor en Granada? It is soooo hot here in Mallorca... feels like it is August already!
Kasey said…
My mouth is watering! I have to admit that I went to Los Italianos almost every single day when I spent a summer in Granada. Sometimes I went twice a day. : )

Have a wonderful weekend!
Scarlet said…
How refreshing! I'll have what you're having...and btw, I love the name Reyes Catolicos. It sounds like Christmas in the summertime.
You are summer fun personified in that cute outfit, and an ice cream cone is the perfect summer accessory!
Linda Sue said…
Lala- Oh YUM! Gellato is what i miss most! I did try some squid gellato when i was in florence a few hundred years ago- nothing i would want to revisit!
LOVE your adorable photo of adorable you!
SE'LAH... said…
I can't believe all those cones...I can sit and eat them all, each with one scoop of pomegranate icecream. yummy.

lovely pics.
vicki archer said…
Lala, What a wonderful place to buy ice-cream - so traditional and old fashioned. I am glad you had such a delicious treat - make sure you go back for another one this weekend, xv.
ps - Why isn't there pomegranate ice cream? I love pomegranate - and I have never seen that flavour either, xv.
kendalee said…
Pistachio raspberry!!! Sounds like my kinda combination! No-one does gelato like the Italians...

Have a lovely summery weekend Lala! :)
Mélanie said…
J'adore les endroits mythiques comme ça et j'aime particulièrement les gourmandises
Yummy ice cream. Lick them quick before it melts!!
Anairam said…
I like ice cream but I am not passionate about it, if you know what I mean. I will seldom seek it out, although when it is given to me, I enjoy it! I saw a recipe recently for a very simple ice cream and made it subsequently - it is delish: one tin coconut cream (not milk), a little bit less than one tin crushed pineapple, a few teaspoons of sugar to taste - blend in your blender, then use ice cream machine or simply pour into plastic container and freeze (taking it out at intervals and stirring to prevent ice crystals forming). Best eaten when it is still a little mushy and not frozen hard. Yummy.
Relyn said…
WOW!! Our ice cream doesn't come with hit jacketed waitresses and chandeliers. I want to come visit you. Now.
DolceDreams said…
Oh there is nothing like some delicious ice cream and a little promenade! Enjoy some for me, because it is not quite the same here (sigh)... my sons love Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors...
Happy and Joyous weekend,
pranksygang said…
wow!! im jealous that had delicious ice creams...

your sandals are gr8!
Chris said…
Sounds delicious!
Right, 'helado' and 'verano' rhyme only as 'rima asonante'. But I'll let you off :-D.

Only once at Los Italianos and my experience was not a good one. Not because of the ice cream, mind. It was because we asked for a non-dairy ice-cream for our daughter who is intolerant to dairy products and the staff did not understand our request or did not know what we meant. And we all spoke Spanish of course. The sad note of the day was that my little one was very ill, throwing up in a road near the Alhambra palace and that was the night when we were coming back to London. You can imagine the scare we got. Luckily, our daughter has a very good immune system that fought the dairy invader off. But she was poorly for the rest of the journey. So, I loved the ice cream but we have bittersweet memories of this place. Still, your photos are so full of bonheur and joie de vivre that we will give another go next time we're in town. Just not for daughter this time :-).

Greetings from london.
Indyeah said…
*yum* yum* :D
Its summers here in India and all I can think of are icecreams :D
and though I am trying to keep away from them for a while your pics *drool worthy* are not helping :P:P

and do I see a beautiful lady enjoying one too? :D
((hugs))enjoy the summers :)
Christina said…
I just thought of something. How will I be able to visit one day if I can't order Ice cream in Spanish? Wait, you will translate for me, right? ; ) I love that! Yum!
Oh...what a beautiful gelato parlor! And the setting. Simply gorgeous. Yes indeed....it is summer!
Cynthia said…
Oh you have heard of this one-
"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" Only now I scream for mine from Los Italianos on Catholic Kings Road ...impossible dream?

Thanks, Lala, for the tempting visit to an ice cream paradise! <3
Aurora said…
When I lived in el Albaicín,we used to treat ourselves - friends and pals- with a wonderful walk down Cuesta del Chaiz, down the river Darro, up to Los Italianos. Then we enjoyed our icecream cones around Las Pasiegas, La Alcaicería...

That sweet nardo and orange flowers smell invaded that time of happiness and youth.
Take advantage of the situation. Carpe diem.

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