A touch of pink, a dog, a cat and two notes of music....

Typical...we had two splendid days of sunny weather and today saturday, it suddenly started to rain. This is where I was yesterday, in the sweet little home of my friends Lyn and Tim in Melegis, in the Lecrin valley. The happy valley, as they call it here, because of the orange groves and the slow pace of life.
Eddie the dog knows exactly how to strike a pause when needs be.

the lovely cat is more discreet and camera shy

Lyn works with textiles and likes all shades of blue and purple

She hanged a lace curtain above the kitchen door which sways elegantly when there is a light breeze
Tim is a photographer (I just put up his etsy shop on my right bar. Check it up!), plays the guitar and the violin and...just started a lovely blog on Mediterranean style, which I invite you to visit for a daily dosis of colorful inspiration.
Last year, Lyn and Tim thought that, after spending seven years in Andalucia, they were ready to make a move to another part of Spain, although they love it here. So they put their house on the market and if by any chance, you're interested to acquire a home sweet home in Andalucia, go here to see more photos of the house.

Enjoy the week end !!

I'm going to a jam session tomorrow at midday in Granada, but it's outdoors and the weather is definitely not with us...I'll tell you more on monday!

pics: me


tangobaby said…
So completely lovely! I will be sure to check out your friend's blog. And enjoy your concert. I am sure you'll have fun even if it rains.

kendalee said…
These pictures are just delicious Lala! Perhaps some of my favourites ever on your blog. And I love those shells strung in the window frame... So sweet.

Enjoy the rest of your lovely weekend, despite the rain! :o)
Merisi said…
The peak of the green door and window through the lacy curtain is oh so gorgeous!

I hope the weather turns sunny again in your part of Europe - we definitely are into summer mode now, mid-twenties and up.
Gabbi said…
Lovely home! I love the doorways and the view especially... :)
Tim Irving said…
Thank you for featuring our house, you have a good eye. I'd like to do a little write up on your casa, how about next week?
There's noting like a sheer curtain swaying in the breeze ... .
karina Manghi said…
Love this post and the house is so beautiful!!!
I loved the photos so much! That's why I put Granada as one of my favourite destinations in the meme I uploaded last Thursday. The people are warm and friendly, the accent reminds me sometimes of Cuba and the scenery is breathtaking. I look forward to your photos of the jam session.

Greetings from London.
STUNNING!...and peaceful, and melodious...I LOVE it!
Love the interesting pics! Enjoy Granada and have a good day!
Claire said…
I just love, love, love, love these photos!
Cynthia said…
Beautiful sea immersed look to the photos of the house. I hope your friends have great success in their move...but I always wonder what pushes people to make that life altering decision.

I also have moved a lot...but usually it was for more than a change of pace. I wanted/needed some kind of major overhaul...and a move does invite all kinds of internal and external change. I've lived in this little house in Puerto Rico for the longest stay ever ---10 years?

Thanks for blog link, I will go over and visit your friend, Lala Ema. Love to you <3
David Engel said…
Ah, Lala's bucolic life. The dog, the cat, a view through lace of such a world. Is my guest room made up? I think I'm ready.

Always the best to you,

Joyce said…
I love all the photos! Too many to pick just one favorite. Thank you for sharing a beautiful piece of your world. Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful, as usual! Already looking forward to a jam session account!

Best regards,
Delphine said…
Everytime I visit your blog, I am transported! Your photos emit the sweet tangy odour of Spain for me --really! You paint the picture of real Spain, not the tacky side!
Susana said…
God, all your friends have amazing houses! If we had known earlier (before we bought our land) we would have definitely been interested in their house! Is it ridiculously expensive? How can I find out... we are thinking of a second property and Andalucia sounds like a great place.

I will definitely check the house photos and Tim´s blog... he is violinist, like my darling!
SE'LAH... said…
Wonderful. Your photos rock.

Spain in beautiful. thanks for sharing.
Mélanie said…
J'adore le bleu turquoise de la commode et le bougainvillier est superbe ...c'est un plaisir de voyager jusqu'à toi et avec toi

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