Adios cinema....

Sadly our local cinema shut its doors. It was an old cinema dating back from the 50s which opened only on Fridays and week ends. We didn’t go much because the movies were not always our type of movie. The last film I saw there was Volver by Pedro Almodovar. I remember how thrilled I was, to be seated in an old Spanish cinema, watching a Spanish movie about Spanish women, by one of my favorite Spanish directors.

Tickets were sold outside at a little booth, at 3€ the entrance. The man who sold the tickets also sold packets of popcorn or chocolate bars in the hall. If the movie was to start at 9.30pm and very few people would attend the session, we would wait a bit more time just in case late spectators would show up. Then the same man would start the projection. I can't say the Spanish audience is a very quiet one. Kids usually eat pipas (sunflower seeds). There is always someone cracking up a packet of crisps, or commenting constantly to its neighbor thinking nobody can hear it. But the Spanish audience is also very “bon public” as we say in French, meaning they show good humor and are not too critical (like the French, for instance!); they shed a tear easily and I like that.

The other film I saw in our local cinema was the French movie, The Chorus. I could say the whole audience was very much taken by this poignant story because not a sound could be heard. At the end of the movie, everybody clapped for a few seconds. I had cried, the woman next had red eyes too, another woman kept saying Que bello, que bello….It was wonderful to go back home walking after seeing a movie, our mind still filled with emotions.
The ambiance of our local cinema always reminded me of the movie Cinema Paradiso. It felt like another time indeed which the kids in the village will not know anymore. I feel nostalgic about it because it is such a great thing for a village to have its own cinema. People were proud about it and enjoyed it as a place of social and cultural gathering. Now that it’s gone, we will all miss it. I wonder what the town hall will make of it. I pray it won't be some horrendous modern flats.

pics : scene of Volver
our former local cinema


So sad .. . and
so very Cinema Paradiso.

I, too, rarely go to my local theatre-
for the same reasons you've voiced.

I don't want to watch what most of my neighbors want to see.
Too much violence and too many ridiculous themes. I often feel I choose a time warp ... . historical films which take me to another place and time.

David Engel said…
Hello Lala,

Sorry to hear about your cinema. I hope they don't open a department store or a parking lot there! You know how much I love film so I'm hoping you'll be able to find a new theatre that shows great films.



PS - Please include pictures of Penelope Cruz in all future posts.
rochambeau said…
Hi Lala,
Like in your world in Spain,
it is also the same, here in small towns of the US. The local Cinema's days are gone. They have all shut their doors. Some have been remade into live performing arts venues, but most are simply disintegrating. Like the "drive~in" movie. Have you ever go to one of those?
Didn't you like the movie Cinema Paradiso? It was a good one!

Hugs to you!
I am sorry your local theater is gone. I am happy to say we have a brilliant, natural businessman running ours. Actually, he owns two independent theaters. One shows: second run "blockbusters" and much loved children's movies. The second theater shows: thoughtful second run movies and art movies/indies.

The owner pushes a little cart selling treats through the aisles while chatting up customers and then runs back to show the films himself. He's a bit of a character and this is his second career -- just because he loves the movies! Brilliant!
Cinema Paradiso is exactly what came to mind as I was reading this. It makes me so sad to hear of this theatre closing. I am glad that you will have these wonderful memories though. I feel sorry for kids who will never know what it was like to go to one of these little theatres, but instead will only know these gigantic movie houses with 10 screens where you can hear the movie that is playing next to you.

Catherine xx
pranksygang said…
you world seems to be just the opposite of mine!! and your world is beautiful!! ....
Helena said…
What a shame! It's old "landmarks" like that you just want to hold on to forever. Well, you'll have the memories....
Simply Mel said…
This makes me so sad! There is nothing more special than watching a film in an old theater. Why can't good things just always remain?

P.S. We are headed to Arcos de la Frontera on Saturday. Plan to spend a week there while my husband attends an artist workshop! You are so right about the heat here in Madrid - WHOA!
Tim Irving said…
Nice blog.

There is still a one man cinema in Olivares.
Mélanie said…
so sad ! I love this kind of cinema ...Je m'imagine très bien en train de regarder un film en noir et blanc
Scarlet said…
How sad. I love how you describe Spanish audiences. You made me think of the time I took my mother to see "Fatal Attraction" here in South Florida (after moving from upstate NY...where she could speak Spanish without anyone understanding her). Here in Miami, her comments made everyone around us laugh. It was hilarious!I should blog about this! :)
Sara said…
Good bye is sad. I'm glad you got to enjoy; perhaps they would have done better to show different movies? I loved Volver!

Yes, I agree with you - and pray that whatever take its place will be charming and lovely and not something horrendously modern.
Zelda said…
such a tender blog ... really like it
Nothing to do with the cinema, other than I'm sorry! But just had to feature wonderful Paco and his shellhouse today.
Merisi said…
So sad,
I immediately thought "Cinema Paradiso" when I read that another movie venue has closed down.
Here in Vienna, a couple of old movie theaters are holding on, thanks to foreign films they show in the original language. Some have survived because people fought for them to stop open. There is even one that offers breakfast with movies.
Relyn said…
OH, I am so sad you lost your cinema. I do love a good cry at a movie. And if others in the audience cry to, I am very content.
onesilentwinter said…
i love this post. i love old cinemas and would be terrible sad if they closed. i also loved volver and when penelop sings that song and cries it is beautiful( i know she is not singing) but you know what i mean!

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