Do you play with your plates ?

Blogging friend Elizabeth from About New York had the delightful idea to launch the "plate post" about our favorite plates. Being a sweet tooth, my favorite plates around the house are definitely dessert plates, especially the celadon ones below.
I love them so much that even when they're broken I keep every tiny bit to make boxes or impromptu packaging for perfume samples.
But honestly, here in Andalucia, plates look so nice on the walls too....I don't understand how I didn't succumb to the traditional custom yet! This style of blue ceramic is widely popular around here. I'm not too sure but I think it's called Granada ceramic.
Don't you think it adds a touch of "alegria" to white walls ?

pics : me
last pic is taken in Salobreña on the coast


pranksygang said…
cuteeeeee!! they are very pretty!! gr8 idea!!
Elizabeth said…
How beautiful.
I love the idea of using the little plate fragments --so pretty in themselves as part of a gift wrap.
Your rose plates are just right for June.
Happy week!
David Engel said…
Hi Lala,

I have some lovely plates. Perhaps I'll take a picture or two of them sometime. That said, some of
my favorite plates, plates I've actually eaten off of, are the Jean Cocteau painted plates at The Welcome Hotel in Ville Franche. They are absolutely amazing particularly coupled with the beautiful Cocteau wall sconces illuminating the room! Next time you're in the South of France you really must stop in for a delightful dinner there.


willow said…
Lala, I have a stack of assorted vintage dessert plates very similar to yours. And I save my broken pieces, as well. What a wonderful idea for the shards!
Anairam said…
I love broken bits of porcelain - I've used them in mosaics, but also in mobiles, Sometimes I just display them on a bookcase or table top. PS I liked the romance of your lacy creations in the post below!
Bee said…
What do you mean by "alegria?" Does this mean liveliness?

Like Elizabeth, I like the rose plates . . . and I have lots of similar roses in my garden!
SE'LAH... said…
the rose plates looks like my wedgwood. i bet you've drank some sweet tea from those.

the fragments are a great recycling idea. imagine mosaics.
Kim said…
As usual- most inspiring.

Love the china against the walls...
Cynthia said…
I love your shard decorated jewelry box...clever and a way to highlight the design in a haphazard shape. Btw-Plates on cool. <3
Hi there - just dropping by from the wild world of the internet and thought I'd say hi. Adorable blog!
kendalee said…
Gorgeous plates! And I love how you've used those fragments...
Christina said…
these gift boxes are glorious! you are incredibly talented.
i love you, Lala
Great gift boxes. Clever use of broken pieces!
Relyn said…
You know I love your cards, but you have topped yourself. Those cards with plate fragments? Oh my! Such beauty.
paris parfait said…
Beautiful plates and the fragments on cards and gifts are inspired, Lala!
dutchbaby said…
Lovely plates! I like how they are not all matchy matchy.
Yoli said…
Que lindos platos Lala! Si traen mucha alegria!
ellastica said…
i collect tea cups and each is a work of art. your plates are very shabby chic but like 1,000 times better.

really a lovely blog. a great escape and so envious of your reality!
Indyeah said…
Beautiful as always:))
made me take a long look at my plates too:)))

trust you to think of such a creative way to use the broken bits:)

have never come across such creativity regarding broken plates:))

the pearl and gold one is exquisite:)
rochambeau said…
Dear LaLa,
Love how you used your beloved broken china in a new and glorious way!
somepinkflowers said…
well now i know why i cannot
throw away my broken little saucers...


i have been waiting for you
to come along and inspire me...

LOVE how you wired the shards to boxes..

i am going now to try it...

{{ i always knew
there was a reason
for keeping the wee pieces }}
Jeff Shattuck said…
The use of the broken plates is a great idea! Especially with how you felt about them when they were whole to give them away as pieces when they are broken... neat.

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