My favorite Asian cantina in Granada

This morning was supermarket session in Granada. The kind of task which drives me nut because in the end I always get out of focus. We went to Carrefour to buy some cheap sneakers and I bought cheap plates plus other things under the pretext that we cannot find them in our village, spices like ginger, coriander and so on...
What makes an outing to Carrefour interesting is the new enormous Chinese self service restaurant Wok which opened just on the opposite side. I used to be really disappointed with the so called Chinese or Japanese food served in Asian restaurants here in Granada, but I love it here. You pick up your food, give it to the cook which prepares it for you on a grill, in a wok with the sauce you want. Veggies and fish are good and fresh. It's quick, cheap. You can fill your plate as much as you want. The staff doesn't really speak Spanish but never mind. What counts is the contents of your plate and the contentment of your stomach, don't you agree ? And if you come early for lunch, around 1 pm, the whole place is empty, making it more enjoyable.

Wok, Chinese self service restaurant
on carretera de Armilla, facing Carrefour
10,95€ at lunch time


Wow, the Spanish have different time frames. 1 PM is starting towards being "late" for lunch in Canada. But we do get up terribly early here: 5:30 AM.
Great looking restaurant. I remember when I was in Granada & Sevilla that lunch was served around 1 to 3 then siesta. After siesta it was back to work and then dinner around 9. Is it still that way?
David Engel said…
Hey Lala,

So what did you have for lunch?!?!?!?!!?

Yoli said…
Lala what a beautiful restaurant! Your photos as always transport me there.
Smart looking restaurant! Hope you had your fill.
Tres chic ... .
really love those light fixtures -

Bo said…
This is really interesting. We have a similar type of restaurant here in California called Mongolian BBQ (not a chain, just the style). You walk along a salad-bar sort of line and put your ingredients in a bowl with noodles, and then a chef fries it on a big, flat griddle.

There is a big difference between our BBQs and your cantina though... yours looks beautiful and clean, while the BBQs here are usually a little grimy and your food gets cooked in the oils and chosen sauces of countless previous customers. Still, it's just what I want to eat every now and then!
Lovely restaurant and I am a sucker for Chinese food anyway. Many thanks for another recommendation.

Greetings from London.
SE'LAH... said…
Thanks for filling me in on aspects of your culture.

Love how the orange pop in your photos.

Have a Conscious Friday and a diving weekend.
Tim Irving said…
Thank you so much for sharing this.

That supermarket looks a really great and chinese restaurant seems pleasant.

Personally I prefer to get my herbs and spices from Lidl. Lidl is cheaper and you can buy a bag of salt for 7 cents, 24 toilet rolls for 99 cents.

After shopping in Lidl, Lyn and I will have lunch at cafe pub Trini. We find it very stylish and we both enjoy the morcilla.

Have a spiritulal Saturday.
Kitty Shepherd said…
I am so glad to hear this restaurant is good, I too look at it every time I shop in Carrefour and always see it empty. Now I will go. One day Lala, we will meet in the supermarket or at the restaurant!
I have tickets for the Homenaje a Mario Maya on the 28th at the Alhambra are you going?
Also the cheri of them all, Leonard Cohen is singing in Granada at the Colisseum in September. Deep face...keep calm!
Relyn said…
This is a serious question. How do you get them to let you take so many pictures? Do you sneak it? Me, and most everyone I know, always get asked to leave, or are just rudely told "no pictures allowed."

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