Cool sunday tuna fish from Cadiz

My friend Rocio is a chef and runs a restaurant called El Chambao de Vizco, which is outside the village, down by the river. Rocio is from Granada but she loves the coast of Cadiz and even more Tarifa. I love listening to her when she talks about her weekly trip there only to buy some fresh fish. She knows Monchéri and I like red tuna very much and always let me know when she's just bought some in Cadiz. Yesterday sunday was a lucky day so we decided to walk down to the restaurant, through the old mills road. We usually drive but I guess we want to sweat it out to really deserve our steak of red tuna!
I never took this road and found it so pleasant and romantic, with its refreshing stream of water, luxurious fig trees
I put on my red poppy dress
Monchéri was laughing because I kept marvelling at the beauty of the trees. Well, you see the land is so dry in Andalucia, it's always a pleasure to be surrounded by luscious green vegetation and enjoy the refreshing shade of a willow tree.
We were quite happy to sit and enjoy our meal, starting with a white cabbage and apple salad
The red tuna, which I like very rare was melting in my mouth. Rocio added some homemade blackberry jam for a sweet note.
We like being here because it's relaxed and cool in the summer. Also Monchéri knows this place since he's a kid. In those days, it was an ordinary bar where old men used to spend hours playing cards on sunny sundays and kids played in the open air.
Here is Rocio, she's a bit camera shy...It's when she talks about food that she gets very animated...she loves her job and we love her food
Juanmi the waiter always blames me for never finishing my drinks. He graciously offered a whisky for Monchéri and a Marie Brizard for me, because I love the anise taste, but dios mio, one or two sips for me would be enough!


Celeste Maia said…
Oh le thon rouge, que c'est bon! I also love it red and juicy, hummm. I am so happy you visited my blog, thank you for the nice comment. I also realize that we not only share the country we live in, we also come from the same part of the world. I was born and grew up in Mozambique and you from Madagascar, right? You looked great in your red poppy dress and Toncheri es muy guapo, like you!
Simply Mel said…
You look so beautiful with your red poppy dress amongst the lush green trees!

Spectacular Sunday! Thanks for always sharing such Spanish delights!

I'm going to try and make that yummy looking cabbage and apple salad!
oiasantorini said…
pssstt....loooove your dress ;-)
studioJudith said…
The stroll down the shady road:perfect!

The stream & fig trees:perfect!

The glorious lunch:perfect!

Lala in the red dress: PERFECT!
David Engel said…
Hey Lala,

The red tuna looks great! Did they drizzle it with an aged balsamic? I've been grilling albacore rare, topping it with tapenade, and serving it atop garlicky white beans. Yummy!

All the best,

Gillian said…
Lala and the fig trees! You and Moncheri must have enjoyed that, it looks delicious. I'm envious that you have such pretty surroundings, and friends who can cook like that! xo
Caroline said…
What a delightful blog you have!! I love Spain, especially Andalucia - in fact I've just returned from a couple of weeks travelling in that part. I'm enjoying browsing your posts and savouring the atmosphere!
Helena said…
I looks lovely - the trees, the food, the dress...
Cynthia said…
Lala Ema, I love the shade of a willow in a dry hot climate, too. Also, the sound the tiny leaves make when tickled by the wind. I never tried that anise flavored drink but it sounds heavenly. Your friend has the kindest face and her serving plate food composition is artistic. I wonder how someone limits themselves to that small portion of rice though. Is there a dressing on the salad...I think I would like to make it. It looks so crunchy cool and healthy.
Oh and I was playing with Retro looks this week. Come over and visit me. <3
I love to visit in your world! So beautiful you look in your red dress.
vicki archer said…
What a beautiful day Lala - delicious lunch and beautiful company and surroundings. Just perfect, xv.
Sara said…
What a lovely, pleasant summer day you had....the meal looks so delicious too. I enjoyed your photos of the green willows and the figs (my figs are looking about the same as those on the other side of the world). I thought of you this week as I was reading "A House in Fez" about an Australian couple who bought a riad and restored it....because she mentions Granada in one or two places in the story.
Jeff Shattuck said…
It seems pretty clear to me you need to start a travel service.

Come and walk in your footsteps for a week. Your corner of the world is beautiful and more importantly you have an eye to see the beauty in what is around you.

Your blog is always the first one I read. Cheers!
Well, it looks like this wil be my diet for a couple of weeks. We're almost booked to go to northern Spain (Asturias) in August. And I can't wait to have some fabada. Many thanks for such a beautiful post.

Greetings from London.
Mélanie said…
J'adore ta robe rouge ! et ce repas a l'air merveilleux à l'ombre des arbres ..Je crois que si un jour , je viens en Andalousie, il faut que j'y reste plus d'un mois pour tout découvrir
dutchbaby said…
I am so hungry for that scrumptious salad and beautiful fresh tuna. Looks like a fantastic meal of varied flavors and textures. Thank you for your beautiful photos.
pranksygang said…
yummy and healthy dishes!!! your dress looks gr8 on u !
Relyn said…
That Moncheri has got the best hair of anyone I know!

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