Recurrent dreams

I wonder why my recurrent dreams are never pleasant and filled with gracious creatures like these two fairies photographed in las Ramblas in Barcelona. My post today was going to be about Barcelona and its effervescent mood but I had one of my unpleasant recurrent dreams last sunday and I still feel a bit disturbed by it. I thought I'd share it with you.

I used to dream about driving a car on a very steep road which kept rising up and up until it finally became a totally vertical axis, at which point I would wake up in total panic, because the car could not adhere to the road anymore. Fortunately I don't dream about this vertical road anymore. My most recurrent dream is in a way, comic. The scenario doesn't vary much : I am on my way to the airport, to catch a plane but there's always a hitch in the process. Two months ago, I dreamt I was going to New York but I ended up in the wrong plane. Last sunday, I was bound to Tokyo. My father was taking me to the airport and when we got to the checking board, Iwas unable to show my passport. What I thought was my passport was in fact a bunch of old credit card bills. Other times, I show up at the airport barefoot and I'm too ashamed to get on board. Do you know the meaning of it ?
Do you have unpleasant recurrent dreams too ? Are they funny, tragic...erotic ? Forgive my inquisitiveness but I'm so curious!

oh...and yes, next Wednesday, I'll post about Barcelona...promised

pics: the amazing still performers on las Ramblas in Barcelona
We were just mesmerized. How can they keep so still for hours in that heat?


alette siri ane said…
Perhaps you have to think of something else you are hesitant to do for some reason?
Patricia said…
It seems that you are a most anxious person. Perhaps you like your life to be planned with all of the details organized neatly. Going in the wrong direction, not fully dressed (no shoes means not really functional), with the wrong items for your identity (passport can mean a lot of things, don't you think?). Well I am only guessing.

I am so glad that you will write about Barcelona. I have just come home from vacation and was immersed in Carlos Ruiz Zafon's The Shadow of the Wind. Tell us more about this wonderful city!
Simply Mel said…
Dreams are the key to our soul's thoughts, right? I enjoy keeping a journal of my dreams, and it seems you have a very vivid memory of yours. Do you become anxious about flying before you travel? Do you like to fly on planes?

My dreams have sometimes been foreshadowing of things to come like friends who are pregnant and don't know it yet, or an upcoming move to a new home, or my father falling ill. Listen and you will soon find the answer...

Here's to happy dreaming soon!
Yoli said…
Unfortunately I only have nightmares. Very seldom do I have a pleasant dream. Love your images Lala!
David Engel said…
Hi Lala,

Love the pictures form Barcelona. Wish I was there!

Dreams can be very interesting. I dreamt of little Scottie like kitties this morning. What was that all about? As to your dream... perhaps you're concerned about achievements, or your ability to accomplish things, and concerned about your finances and/or status? Just a thought.

All the best,

gymhalama said…
Hi Lala,I often dream that I am in a cubicle of a public convenience but there is never a door for me to hide behind and always lots of people milling around.I get more and more desperate because the people don't go away as I'm sitting there waiting for some privacy before I can release myself.
sorry the subject is a little crude but you did ask.Someone told me that it means I am trying to release my artistic side,so that's a relief!!!
Another one is similar to yours except that I am driving down the road backwards,always backwards!!!!
Italo said…
Ciao Lala (but I like more to say: Hi Castle :)),
dreams: I live in them each day, unfortunately I'm a Peter Pan, a beautiful one, but still peter pan. About Barcellona, I'm waiting for it. Ciao bella, Italo.
PS: for the song, I think it was: Nico Fidenco, Un granello di sabbia.
Celeste Maia said…
Wow, I like your recurrent dreams, what a vivid imagination, your subconscient must be working in overdrive. My recurrent dream is that I am dancing on top of a table laid out for a formal dinner. There I am dancing among dishes and glasses and the people sitting around the table are not aware of me, that is the strange part of the dream. I am dressed in a pale gris satin dress...
pranksygang said…
hey dear!! i dunno the meaning of your dreams.. but i feel we both are kinda similar, What i mean is , even i get these kinda dreams most of which has no meaning or not related to my life .. most of them are adventurous and romantic!! :)
Oddly I don't...the worst I get is the feeling of falling just as I'm falling asleep. I was just in Barcelona recently...what a city!
Sara said…
It has been a while since I've had this sort of dream, but I know exactly what you are talking about. I used to dream about work situations where I had to make an urgent and critical phone call but I could not see the numbers on the phone and could never dial through to the connection. No matter how hard I tried it was always wrong. I was always very relieved to wake up and realize it was only a dream.

I don't know the meaning for you, but perhaps you are feeling some anxiety about your new venture and this is how you mind is dealing with it?
somepinkflowers said…
the dreams indicate
you like to be in control
FEEL at present
that you are not...


how would i know this???

takes one
to know one ♥

{{ do your Barcelona posting!
i have photos
of those same last two guys
taken last May...

i love how things
never really change.

i hope they are there
on those same bikes
when i go next time

in 3 years or so... }}
Relyn said…
You know, I can almost never remember a single dream. Your driving one would scare the bejeebers out of me, though. No idea what the travel means. Maybe that you are feeling restless and static both at once?
Linda Sue said…
Not sure but my recurring dreams are usually about some time in my life that stressed me the most- university exams or waiting tables seem to be the most prolific and frustrating of dreams...The photos of street statue people are remarkable!

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