Barcelona : the parc oasis of vegetation and extravaganza

This is surely one of the most wonderful public gardens in the world. The parc Güell designed by Gaudi between 1900 and 1914 had been commissioned to him by a rich entrepreneur Eusebi Güell whose wishes were to receive the social elite of Barcelona in amazing premises. The parc is so big, the ideal thing is to take a whole day to visit it. Unfortunately, time was a bit short for us but still we lingered a few hours in this stunning place where Gaudi's genius and creativity are definitely at their best. The day, we were there, the weather was warm and sunny. We strolled among the many tourists, passed by the casa-museo, this exquisite pale pink stylised building
the parc is situated in the north of Barcelona, with fantastic views on the port and the sea

We wanted to flee from the crowd of tourists...Imagine being in this romantic secluded house...

In the end, we lied down on the inviting grass. I took this pic of both of us, looking relaxed and so comfortable, we didn't want to leave and why leave ?
in front of us, this Gaudi-esque house intrigued us
above us, the olive branches made a perfect shade
the only thing we needed was more time to take in all this beauty really....

and to visit the other places we marked down on our list but skipped : the Arola restaurant (run by Sergi Arola, a former disciple of Ferran Adria) in the fabulous Arts hotel.

I also want to thank dear blogging friend David from Global Around Town. David posted about Barcelona some time ago and gave some very useful addresses. Also, in case, just like me, you look for hotels on Google, a friend gave me this very handy tip, a site called Hotels Combined (it gives you an extensive list of hotels, by price or category). This is how we found our hotel off the Ramblas and not too noisy !

I also wanted to say a big thank you to Caroline from Caroline's studio who very kindly mentioned my other blog Un mariage au soleil on her blog today. Caroline is a very gifted artist and designer so coming from her, it's very special....Thank you Caroline !

Also a big thank you to Des from Des in real life for mentioning my blog with such sweet words....


Sara said…
Lala your photos are stunning. Because I posted something about the Gaudi lizard/dragon a few days ago I went looking for images of Park Guell, so I've recently seen quite a few, and yours here are some of the very best!
TheChicGeek said…
Absolutely beautiful! I can understand why you did not want to leave...beautiful day :D

Have a Happy Day!
santamaker said…
I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I was born in Ayamonte and left Spain when I was 7 to come to live in the U.S.
It has been 30 years since I've been back there and my husband and I are planning a trip to Spain in Sept. I was wondering if you might have any suggestions for us. We would fly into Madrid, spend a couple of nights there, then we were thinking of taking the train to Sevilla, rent a car and drive to Ayamonte. From there I would love to see Valencia and Granada and my husband is wanting to hop over to Morocco. We are clueless! We would somehow have to make our way back to Madrid for our return. Do you think we could do all this in 8 days? I know it would just have to be a preview. I am so excited about this trip but also nervous because there are a lot of sad things that happened when I was a small child and lived in Ayamonte.
You can read about it on my blog. The post is titled," A little spanish girl and a tall tree".
Thanks for being my peep hole into the world that I left behind.
David Engel said…
Hello Lala,

So glad you had such a nice time in Barcelona. When I took my brother there we had so much fun. Great food, art, architecture, the pace of life etc... The Parc Guell and everything Gaudi was wonderful. I just bumped into a Catalan couple here in D.C. drinking a nice Tinto Pesquera. No surprise there!


Caroline said…
What gorgeous photos Lala (love that one of the two of you!) - I didn't get to parc Guell when we visited Barcelona a couple of years back so this has been lovely to see it through your eyes! Pity about those tourists :(! Thanks so much for your mention today too!! C x
Italo said…
Lala, I'm envious!!!! :D
Nice garden, Gaudi wa a genius!
You both seem beautiful and relaxed, yes!
People say Barcelona is a must-do place. Oh, I must try! Thanks for the wonderful pics.
Bonbon Oiseau said…
i love this place and you've captured it so beautifully--keep on relaxing!!!
Zelda said…
thanks for the trip ! love those little virtual traveling
pranksygang said…
The public garden is awesome!
Linda Sue said…
Surreal in it's magnificent beauty - the city's treasure and the lovely people lieing back in the shade- beauty overload!
The pink building is dreamy. I just love the carved detail around the windows. Very unique. Okay, my dear, I am breaking away from my new rule of only blogging in the evening hours specifically to visit your new blog. Tonight I am off to see the new movie - Julie/Julia, but first things first - and you are a precious priority.
Mar said…
I love this park! and what a surprise to find a familiar sight while visiting a new blog!
Greetings from Barcelona!!
Relyn said…
What a wonderful picture of you and Mon Chere.

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