Sunshine and bloody mary

My lovelies, dear readers I wish you a great week end, whatever you do and wherever you are. We don't really have plans, besides visiting some new places in Granada for the weddings, a jazz concert on saturday may be. Surely on sunday morning, I'll miss this nice bloody mary my friends Josiane and Ernie prepared last week end. i'm posting more pics of their house today because I love it and am in love with these adorable 40s style iron benches below. Aren't they too cute ?
this says : "don't stare at me with your mouth open...just drink me!"
perfect sunshine
perfect shade
the rooms are filled with charming antique objects

the feeling is romantic
but the vital point of the house is the kitchen as Josiane and Ernie really really love cooking. And I mean it. While Ernie is making mojitos Josiane prepares some fish, this is what I call perfect team work !

now if I sum it all up, it's all perfect ingredients for a good relaxed summer holiday and look at those beautiful surroundings...

Have a great week end !


David Engel said…
Hi Lala!

Love the picture of the fan. Your life style as well.


Joyful said…
It is beautiful there! Thanks for sharing it with us. Your photos are fantastic.
Susana said…
Hola Lala! The photos are amazing and the place looks beautiful!!!

We are back in Barcelona from a long and wonderful stay in Asia. We had a great time!
thanks for visiting my blog, you take great pics, fun to see sunny spain!
Simply Mel said…
Those lovely benches are calling my name!

Bon weekend to you!
TheChicGeek said…
So beautiful :D You take the loveliest photographs! Thank you for sharing them :D
Have a Beautiful Weekend!
Elizabeth said…
I think I will book my ticket to visit you now!
A perfect spot.
Sara said…
Happy Friday, Lala. Enjoy your beautiful Spanish weekend.
Linda Sue said…
OH Lala- your life is beauty extraordinair. nothing average mediocre- no room for that!
Love your blog! Wonderful photos and great issues!
I would have a perfect weekend if I could be there instead of here.
Yes - those benches are fab. And I love the lone lemon. Have fun!
Caroline said…
Ooh, your photos are so evocative, Lala! I want to be back in Spain, Right NOW!! Have a good weekend!
Italo said…
You too LALA! :D
vicki archer said…
What a wonderful home Lala...I love those benches too. Have a gorgeous and relaxing weekend, xv.
DolceDreams said…
Beautiful sharing...wish I were there! Have fun this weekend...
Celeste Maia said…
Gorgeous! I can see why you enjoy your friends so much, and what fun you have with them. Your week-end plans sound good, what jazz concert? I have just returned from the mountains and it feels good to be connected again. Now we are going to stay with some friends who live in a monastery from the V century! Of course with many additions throughout the ages, and with all the modern appliances. C'est bon le farniente...
Gillian said…
Darling Lala~
A feast for the eyes! Thank you for "taking" us there!
I love that antique fan, it is delightful.
A dip in that pool and a bloody Mary is just what would work for me today, in that glorious sunshine of course.
Enjoy it all! xo
Christina said…
what a beautiful tour. : )
Relyn said…
I want to spend summer with you. Just exactly like this.

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