A room with a view in Casa Morisca Hotel in Granada

Today was my first day out in Granada and it was so good to feel the happy bon enfant vibrations of my beloved city. I don't know exactly which virgen is being celebrated this week end but in every corner, piles of tortas de la virgen were sold with long candle sticks to burn. Unfortunately I was out without my camera so I couldn't take any pics. And instead of showing you images of busy streets and squares, I take you to one of the fantastic places I discovered last summer. As you know, I've started a new activity as a wedding planner in Granada and I'm always looking for nice venues or romantic hotels my clients might like.

The Hotel Casa Morisca is one of those charming boutique hotels where you feel at once cozy and grateful for the quiet ambiance and the amazing views onto the Alhambra. Every year, Monchéri and I spend King's night in a nice hotel in Granada but I guess we'll have to make it a quarterly habit as there are so many lovely hotels which opened recently.
Just for now, I've been dreaming of writing long missives on this little desk, looking at the Alhambra and the old tiles roofs. There is something about old tiles which always make me feel romantic.
The hotel was built in a house dating back from the end of the XVth century and preserved the Morisco style with stucco-work arches, colored tiles and the original pool in the patio.
The outdoor patio is ideal for a quiet breakfast in the sun

Unless, you want to have it served in your room

At the time I write this post it's nearly 10pm and I think I could virtually hop into this bed just for the pleasure of gazing at the wooden ceiling.


I wish you all a great week end and before I go, I want to send a big hug to dear blogging friend Se'lah from Necessary Room who hosted a Gift of Jewels exchange and I was so thrilled to receive this beautiful Old Southe scented candle from Vchelle. I've been burning it at night since the past few days and its sweet Georgia peach aroma is just heavenly....Thank you Se'lah and Vchelle!
Tomorrow, the weather will certainly be cloudy and rainy here
so all the more propitious to make a tarte tatin!

ps : Hop to my other blog Un mariage au soleil to see what I'm up to workwise....definitely getting into the festive season....(and to think we're only end of september but Christmas will knock at our door in no time)

Hotel Casa Morisca

Cuesta de la Victoria,9 - Granada

pics : 1 & 6 from the hotel website


Happy you are out and about already! Enjoying your romantic blogs. For some reason Spain is reminding me of my home in the Okanagan this September--lots of sunshine and fruit harvesting.
vchelle said…
I could move in and live in that hotel!! It's absolutely beautiful and breathtaking!!! My plan is to live overseas for a little while once I get out of school!! I think Granada may be my first visit!!!

I'm so glad you are enjoying your candle. Did you receive your sunflower frame?
Cynthia said…
What a lovely location. I could get inspired to create in your setting, Lala. And that hotel room is completely comfortable...warm, cozy and opulent. Charming. Definately a place to stay~ who would ever want to leave!!
studioJudith said…
What a perfect place for your first outing .. .
I'm still looking forward to pics of your tarte tartin :
will you share your recipe? (please)

What a beautiful and charming hotel, Lala! I'm getting feelings to make vacations immediately. ;-)
Wish you a nice day, too.
Greetings and: Have a nice week.
Steven from Germany
Today in Germany are very important elections!
Joyful said…
I love the hotel and the romantic room is my favourite. Thank you Lala for sharing your exquisite taste & your beautiful city. :-)
Zelda said…
WHOOA ! DREAM PLACE TO BE !hop your are doing ok dear
It's such a lovely hotel and I cant believe the view.. I hope to be there some day..
What a beautiful place. Who wants winter when you can go there and enjoy warmer weather.
Anonymous said…
This hotel is unbelievable. I don't think I'd ever want to check out of that hotel!
pranksygang said…
The place is like a mini heaven!! OMG its very beautiful...:)
snoble24 said…
very very beautiful place. i would of loved to of been in such a place like that. your very very lucky
Ohhh que maravilla de hotel....!!!! sabes..? mi abuelo era de granada y aunque es una ciudad que conozco muy poco me atrae muchísimo.!!

Espero que ya estés completamente repuesta de tu operación, llevo un rato ojeando tu blog y me ha encantado. Best wishes and regards from Madrid.
Theresa Cheek said…
Such beautiful architecture....I would love to visit someday.
travelingmama said…
This looks so much like Morocco! We keep saying that we want to visit Granada when we come to Spain and then we get so busy that we keep missing out... maybe when we come in December we can go visit!
Mélanie said…
magnifique hotel ! La vue est a couper le souffle
Dragonfly said…
I've been to Granada and just love it! Thanks for the pics.
I'm following your lovely blog now. I enjoy everything Spain!!
Cheers, Karen
eda said…
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Caroline said…
What a stunning hotel!! Will be tempted to stay there when we next visit the Alhambra! Love the pomegranate pic!

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