At work....

It is this happy crazy time again when my mind is ridiculously Christmas oriented. So here I am preparing orders and making cards. These are two models of my new holiday cards. I will show you the entire collection next week and put some on my etsy shop which I've been neglected for too long.
Monchéri whose help is very appreciated, gives a hand for the rosettes making. Monchéri loves his hats...especially at home. (He takes it off to go out.. God knows why). While I'm listening to French radio FIP and gesticulating on French singer Clarika's hit Moi en mieux (which I adore), Monchéri quietly makes his rosettes, listening to Iggy Pop in his earphones....
A few days ago, as he was playing around with the rosettes, trying them on his shirt, he gave me the idea to make boutonnières with them
Monchéri said: podrias hacerme una mas masculina? couldn't you make me one which looks more masculine? I think he means, more it's my challenge for next saturday!

ps: by the way, what do you prefer...the cards or the boutonnières ?


Christina said…
Iggy pop and rosettes, it doesn't get much better than that! lol
Lala, you do beautiful, beautiful work. I melt over the details of your cards. Please let us know, when you fill your etsy shop.
Love you!
Joyful said…
I do agree with Christina about your work Lala. It is beautiful as are all your thoughtful and delightful blog posts. As for me, I like the flower on the card, rather than the lapel (boutonnieres seem only to be seen at weddings here nowadays) but I'm so impressed by what you've done with it as a boutonniere!
Linda Sue said…
Hmm it is not an either /or questions it is a how many question for both! I would wear the boutonierre if i could spell it correctly - I am not entirely girley, not even a little bit, and think that those would look very nice on women, too. I so appreciate the fashion sence your lovely lover has- ball caps drive me crazy and I just want to slap them off of every one I see wearing them...that would be a lot of slapping and probably jail time- kudos to your love for wearing decent hats!!
Susana said…
Me encantan las dos cosas, Lala!
Martha said…
I quite like them both!I feel better about my own post knowing that you have posted something Christmasy already.
(My current post happpens to have Noel as the center theme, which I couldn't help because it was a time-line thing.)
There are so many pretty bows one can make, each one with its own look according to the pattern...inspirational
Tracy said…
I love them both! The cards are beautiful, and I could just see happy lapels walking to and fro decorated with the boutonnieres.

Your blog is always a respite for the eyes and the mind. It looks like you are feeling better, and so I'm very happy for that.

I also listened to Moi en mieux and really enjoyed it. It was refreshing and different from the usual.

Thank you for sharing your life with all of us!
Anonymous said…
I love both!
They seem festive and very lovely.
Do hope you are feeling much stronger now?Hugs from NY
Wow, you guys make a great team. I love the macho rosette idea--Mon Cheri cracks me up!
Anairam said…
I like the boutonnières best! That is probably because I love brooches and rosettes and that kind of thing. They really are lovely (the cards too)!
DolceDreams said…
Lala, I love them both! Especially the fuschia ribbon with happy to see you are creating again, you must be on the mend!
I love them both too...But I particularly like the vision of Mr with his hat on crafting theses lovely rosettes!
Your rosettes are adorable and the cards most beautiful. Happy to hear you have recovered and back to blogging.
studioJudith said…
I find the idea of a butonnieres to be totally enchanting!
An moment of instant whimsy, which one could place ... . anywhere.
On a lapel or a wrist or a hat or purse. Don't we all need as many small smiles as possible ?
dutchbaby said…
I adore the image of voscheri making these delicate flowers with his aristocratic hands! I love the cards!
rochambeau said…
Your cards are breathtaking, Such attention to detail~ Your posies and your cherie, of course are very nice too. ;-)

Hope you are feeling well, Lala. back to Normal~
That all is peaceful at your Castle in Spain!


Merci bien for your kind compliment about our room. It means much coming from you!
Inty swetha said…
wow!! you have done a gr8 job! i love the cards.. they are magnificent
Oh I love the cards, so pretty and vibrant. Great job. Very cool Mr in the hat :)
Simply Colette said…
Found you through Dustjacket Attic. Congrats on the award. Love your blog! Always admire wedding planner, what a fun job. :)
Rebecca June said…
Thank you sooo much fro the wonderful tips! I am so very excited to go back to Europe as I have not been there since I was 13.

I also want to tell you how lovely your blog is and I cannot believe you are now tackling wedding planning on top of design! You are very gifted!


Rebecca June
Lovin' the cards!

Ahh. . .to live in Spain, design cards, and plan beautiful weddings. . .sounds like you've got it made, my friend!

Great job!
Italo said…
WOW! Come dice Obama! Quel joli travail!!!!!!!
Scarlet said…
Your cards are beautiful and original pieces of art, and I especially like the Happy 2010 design.

If given the choice, I'd go for the rosettes, however, because they're something I could show off everywhere I go. :)
The cards look elegant and I like simplicity too:)
alissa said…
so cute! i love the way you're using those. and good thing you have a helper!
It would be too hard to choose! Beautiful creative!

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