The little witch in you.....

Among the various nicknames I'm being baptized with by Monchéri, my favorite is "mi brujilla" my little witch. Although we do not really have the habit to celebrate Halloween in Andalucia, we felt like having a bit of fun this year and I found those black horror nails at the drogueria with the black lipstick....(men are funny indeed, when I love wearing ultra red lipstick at night, Monchéri is not so enthusiastic about it but he LOVES the black lipstick, bizarre non?). I was quite eager to try those nails and scratch my back with them, only they don't stay put so I'm trying to figure out another way to use for them...little spoons for pumpkin soup may be ?

Have a wonderful week end and happy Halloween to you if you celebrate !


Pam said…
I myself would not wear black lipstick, nor paint my fingernails black, but that photo is outstandingly beautiful.
sinnlighet said…
Wooooooooow, this blog is one of my darling's!

Agneta, you know the swedish one =)
Kiaargh! said…
love the nails and the lipstick. as for keeping the nails on crazy glue always seem to work for me, however it is a pain to get it off.
Simply Mel said…
Yes, there is something very bewitching to be called a little witch! Love it!
Oh can we see, can we see you wearing black lipstick??
Pretty please?!
Hmmm...I kinda like the black lipstick. It's cool ;-)
I don't wear it though.

Sometimes I paint my nails black.
I don't celebrate halloween though. Ever.
Elizabeth said…
Happy Halloween, Lala!
Those nails are terrifying....and wonderful
David Engel said…
Boooooo! Lala!

Love the very black picture! Happy Halloween!!!!!

Yoli said…
As a former Goth child, years ago, I wore the black lipstick and nail polish. I really love this, it is so beautiful.
Scarlet said…
With lips and nails like that you will become "la brujilla alegre!" :)

I love it! I know you will squeeze a lot of fun into Halloween this year, Lala style! Andalucia will never be the same. :)
Happy Halloween, Lala! Have a creepy night. :-)
Kind regards to Spain from Steven D!
Karen Cole said…
Hi Lala,

A perfect post about Halloween. Yes indeed, men are strange. Can't live with them, can't live without them. Enjoy that black lipstick!!!!
Linda Sue said…
Black lipstick is dangerous, naughty, mysterious and is normal so i can understand the fascination that your sweet one has...You must look truly awesome! Happy Halloween
TheChicGeek said…
Happy Halloween to you too, Lala :)
You are a bright sunshine to our world :)

Hugs <3
Joyful said…
I love the photograph. You have lovely lips. Can I say that without being thought strange? I don't celebrate Hallowe'en ever and fortunately the little ones do not ever come to my home looking for candy. I am not sure why but I think because I live in an apartment/flat and they tend to go to houses where you can knock on the front door and their parents can stand at the street and make sure they are safe. I hope you and your cheri had fun with the dress up! BTW, thank you forgetting back to me the other day on my question. I was hoping to purchase that card from you btu I am guessing it is no longer available.
Simply Colette said…
Lovely photo! Quite enchanting... :)

Hope your Halloween was outstanding!!!!
DolceDreams said…
Oh I love it! ut I do want to see the photo of YOU with the lipstick and nails! It is so fun to play a part, no? I told my sons that this year I was no longer a "Good" witch, I was a "Bad" witch, so watchout!
he he he
Italo said…
Ciao, I hope you had a great night! :) I didn't celebrate it. But it's nice to take new celebrations and occasions to have fun.
Anonymous said…
I hope you had a very happy Halloween!

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