My new holiday cards collection

As promised, here is my new collection of holiday cards which is keeping my little fingers busy at the moment. Year after year, I like to reuse some of my lucky fetish themes : the cat, the boot, the playing card and the dollar bill. Next week, I'll have a bit of time and put a few on my etsy shop.

Click on the image to enlarge

Hope you like them !

ps : yes...they're all handmade !


vicki archer said…
Yes, very much Lala...xv
le banc moussu said…
very well done.It looks beautiful. I hope it's christmas soon!
a bientôt
What I like the most is that you have different variations of the same theme in various colours and shapes, thus giving the customer plenty of options.

Many thanks.

Greetings from London.
Inty swetha said…
OMG!! they are simply beautiful.. i wish i can buy them.. how did you do it??

Its a brilliant work!
Susana said…
As ever, they are ABSOLUTELY LOVELY! Gorgeous... I like the "Happy 2010" ones!!!
Joyful said…
Yes! beautiful <3
Simply Mel said…
Lala, you know how much I love these! So pretty and festive!

Finally back into our home after being away for 2 months, so I will be in touch soon!

Sara said…
The fruits of your wonderful creativity are always a delight!
David Engel said…
Lucky 2010!!!!!! Yes, that's what I'm hoping for!


These are beautiful cards! Oh yes, I recognized "handmade" from the start, beautifully done.
Oh I do, love the simple white with the gold. They are all gorgeous, you clever girl.
Truly beautiful. Is Christmas coming soon? I don't even have my fall/halloween decorations out yet.

Oh, my. Must take a breath.

Beautiful work. Enjoyed seeing it.
Mélanie said…
Tu as vraiment des doigts de fée !!! Superbe travail
Linda Sue said…
Oh YES! They are so wonderful I would most certainly love the person who might give me one of those! Very inspiring, sweet. It is not even Halloween yet and already I am excited about Christmas! LOVE your cards , dear LALA
studioJudith said…
Each one .. .
truly Lala Luscious!

they're lovely and i love the lucky ones!

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