Sunny week end and a happy brocante at Gym's Sandpit Club in the Lecrin Valley

Last week end, my darling Gym organized a bazaar in her restored barn, baptized the Sandpit Club. As always, it's a fun event where one can find a bit of everything: local food, plants, books and music, clothes, carpets, paintings, decorative objects.....The weather was just perfect and the sky a happy clear blue...We stayed nearly all day chatting with friends, meeting new ones. This morning, when I called Gym to tell her how much we enjoyed it, I said "that was a great party!" was merely a fleamarket but it really was like a party !

the mayor of the village gave his authorization to use the little plaza near the barn
At lunch time, the lounge upstairs was packed
James the cook is busy making burgers. The day before, he prepared chili con carne, chicken curry, salads, apple crumble to keep our stomachs happy. As you can see, the clock indicates 3.25pm...yes, lunch is quite late in Andalucia!

Gym is busy welcoming newcomers
After lunch jazz musicians entertain us until early evening
Outside, the brocante is still on until 7pm in a cool and laid back ambiance
The sky is blue, the good mood is contagious....I don't think I could ever get tired of such happy days!
When we leave, we cross the neighbors going for a ride
Back home, I took a pic of my little finds. I love my new chunky choker
but what really intrigues me is this vintage mirror cum lipstick holder. Ingenious, isn't it ? Does anyone out there know this brand Stratton ?

ps: for info, if you're in the area, Gym will host another bazaar in mid-december. You can see more on Gym's antique shop here

and...Clare, I was so GLAD to have met you again....At last !!! xoxo


Susana said…
Lala! Fantástico "mercadillo"! Qué bien os lo pasáis en Andalucía... tendremos que visitar esa región pronto!
snoble24 said…
wow sounds very nice. you got some pretty things. i love the mirrow
gymhalama said…
Hey Lala,your photos came out so much better than mine,but I was far too busy to stop when the time was right.Thanks for coming Love Gym
Pam said…
That DOES look like a fun event; I wish I could have been there, too. I saw some things in your photos that I would have liked to buy. You made great purchases yourself. I'm familiar with the Stratton brand. It's a well known English company that manufactured ladies powder compacts, lipstick cases, cigarette cases and similar items. They were in business from the early 1920's until the late 1990's,
David Engel said…
Well Lala,

Looks like you raked in. The choker and the lipstick holder are both great. How are the Olive Oils etc... ? What kind of jazz were they playing? Looks like a great time.


I'll have some of that chili dipping sauce!
Helena said…
What a fantastic day! I looks fabulous. And I love your shopping!!!
Linda Sue said…
Your corner of the world is so perfectly gorgeous! Little wonder why you live there. I must travel there one day, while I am still in this lifetime, that is. I don't think that spirits can eat and drink and wear chokers...
Christina said…
this looks like a lovely day. i love that you had apple crumble and found such a cute purse. : )
Cynthia said…
Lala, everytime I stop by I get a new treat! Your view makes me want to look into mine more closely. I love the collection of objects and people...a real village feel! What a celebration. I would love to go to Gyn's next flea market, fair, sale event! That's the way I would love to shop. Your purse is adorable! And the antique lipstick/mirror is charmingly evocative of an elegant mysterious woman! So playful! Were the books in French, Spanish, or English or??? Thanks for sharing your "party" day, dear friend!xx0
Caroline said…
Well, that really must have been a fun day out and what divine finds!! Love your photos!
Diana said…
I wish I were in the area, this is just my kind of thing!
Crayons said…
Bon Dieu! This is such a rich collection of photos. Like you, I live on color and form. Your blog offers so much to enjoy!

I really like your description of Gym. You have created a beautiful life for yourself.

Your banner made me snort on my orange juice, so much did it surprise me.
What a totally relaxing way to spend a day. Lovely finds too, the lipstick one is very interesting.
rahul said…
Wow what great pics.

I think you must have enjoyed alot.

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Thanks for the share.
Mélanie said…
La vie a l'air si douce en Andalousie .amis musique et brocante et , il n'y a rien de mieux
studioJudith said…
Glorious images, Lala ... .
thanks for sharing such a wonderful day with us!
Love the leopard on the bar -

Fifi Flowers said…
Looks like a FAB day!!!
Anonymous said…
What great pics. This looks like such a fun place to hang out.
Agus said…
Me gustan los cuadros de la foto 7ª y 8ª, estoy enamorado del bodegón de la foto 7, me gusta el ojo fotográfico que tienes en la 1ª. A los que no han visitado Andalucía, no dejar de visitarla, es un encanto.

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