Memento mori !

Memento mori.....Remember you will die....alas....

Oh I think I could have worn one of these for Halloween !

a pendant created by Lorenz Bäumer, who designed the latest Vuitton jewelry line.
I love the two silhouette profiles...too cute
photo © Lorenz Bäumer

earrings by Lorenz Bäumer
photo © Lorenz Bäumer

necklace created by the exquisite Delfina Delletrez Fendi
photo © Delfina Delletrez

Crowned skull by Dior Joaillerie
photo © Dior

Macabre ring by Lydia Courteille whose work is simply stunning
photo © Lydia Courteille

Memento mori so in the meantime let's carpe diem while we can !

ps: after struggling with my horror black nails for half hour, I gave up on them....just couldn't manage to stick them!


maría cecilia said…
Lala, estos diseñadores son exquisitos y sólo para millonarios... pero bueno, con algo así dan ganas de disfrazarse en halloween.
María Cecilia
This is superbly beautiful work. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am always amazed at unusual subject matter made beautiful. :-} Lizzy
Linda Sue said…
Wonderful finds! I am in bone heaven- love bones and skulls, good thing since that may be where I am headed unless I just blow up in the air- that would be a less romantic way to exit...
I am sure you will find a use for the black nails- they look quite substantial!
Simply Colette said…
Those are truly one of a kind! :)

Have a great day! xoxo
Elizabeth said…
These are beautiful
Happy all Saints Day (Yesterday, but I'm a bit behind the times....!)
Susana said…
These are brilliant!
Sloane Lawson said…
Freaky!Help!Scary!Mommy I need you!
What fun! Too bad about the sparkly black nails.
Catherine said…
beautiful images...these artists should come and live in Mexico for a while...they would be right at home!!
Simonetta said…
adorei o pendant de lorenz,
muito criativo!!!genial!!!
Crayons said…
Wow, thanks for posting these. They bring an elegance and magic to what in the USA has become an exercise in plastic and consumeristic excess. Sorry to be so negative... I'm glad you pointed out the clever eye sockets. I would have missed them.
Mélanie said…
J'adore le principe de memento mori ...Je ne vois pas du tout le coté macabre dans tout ça .Je vois au contraire la vie même si elle ést éphémère.
Joyful said…
Interesting jewellry!
Oh wow, they are just amazing!

Hope you are having a fab day,
Scarlet said…
I love the finger necklace. ¡Esta bella!
SE'LAH... said…
exquisite pieces...

hope you are doing well.

Great stuff! The most beautiful for Halloween !!

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