The new house : settling in slowly but surely

My lovelies, dear readers, no I haven't forgotten you ! I knew moving would be a bit overwhelming but the truth is I feel a bit knackered but not too discouraged though. Still, the more I unpack and the more there is to unpack.

I am like a little general on a battle field trying out several strategies. We first wanted to deal with all the rooms at once, but it didn't really work. Now I know the best proven strategy is to do one room at a time....
So this afternoon, I resumed the organization and decoration of the kitchen, relishing spending a lot of time on details...... displaying my cookery books to have them at hand and all the recipes I collect from the French Elle magazine.

The working board is still filled with utensils which need to find their home.
My collages are still lying down on a sofa while waiting to be up the wall.

Some objects find their place easily. I particularly cherish the mirror and the black marble top console which I bought at my friend Gym's shop, Camel Stop, last year.

Sometimes, I stop and look pensively at the walls. In spite of my tiredness, I feel so inspired to make oversize collages to stick on the walls. The rope lampshade hanging from the ceiling had been left there. Not too keen about it !

From the roof terrace, we can see the village of Niguelas.
It is a beautiful sight at night when the church is illuminated and I do so love the old tiles !

Until now, Monchéri and I didn't have the opportunity to enjoy a barbecue on the roof terrace.

As you can see, there is still a bit of cluttering in the patio waiting for a quick dissolution !

ps : A huge thank you to my new followers and I hope to visit you all, my lovely bloguettes very soon !
Besitos - Lala

pps : I'm afraid my post layout resembles very much my present state of mind...desperately cluttered
sorry about that !
so this is the roof terrace. Blogger must be mad at me because I didn't post for a long time, but everytime I tried to post these pics, they just disappeared !

Anyway, here they are !


Sara said…
Hi Lala! I look forward to seeing more of your lovely new abode! Hope the unpacking and finding places for everything will go smoothly from now on. One room at a time is the best strategy, as you have discovered! The scenery over the rooftops looks wonderful and I'll be back to see more.

Don't work too hard - have fun and enjoy your creativity as you set up your new home. Enjoy a bottle of wine on that patio! Everything will get put away in good time.
Crayons said…
You see clutter and I see beautiful colors and enticing objects. This new home will be a reflection of your own inner beauty. I celebrate this new chapter in your life.
"Some objects find their place easily."

I like those objects the best. Your place looks lovely.
You will be amazed...when you look quickly it came together.

Loving your floor...who am I kidding...I love ANY new space. You are lucky, girl!
Patricia said…
I am very jealous of your beautiful view and tile floors. Best of luck in your new abode. May you have many happy moment in this home.
Is that a stairway to the roof terrace?!
Oh charm abounds in Anadalucia...(and in your home!).
Simply Mel said…
Dearest Lovely Lala!
So good to see you are doing well!
Your new home looks beautiful, and I love the staircase and exquisite white walls! Can't wait to see a photo of your view from the rooftops.

Hope you and your moncheri are sipping champagne together soon on top of the world, your new world together!
David Engel said…
Hi Lala,

Looks like you've made great progress. I'm moving tomorrow. Been packing, cleaning, arranging, throwing out... I am beat. Hopefully, despite a computer that died this AM, everything else will go smoothly.

All the best to you and your already gorgeous place,

DolceDreams said…
Your new home looks amazing!
Joyful said…
Bonjour Lala, I too am looking forward to seeing more of your lovely abode. It looks so charming already :-)When I was younger I could do all rooms at once but now it is better for me to do one room at a time or at least get it in order before moving on. It is hard to know which one when both the kitchen and bedroom are so important, ha ha. enjoy decorating. I wish you were here to help me decorate mine.
Diana said…
Oh Lala, somehow I missed that you were moving too...we just moved Nov 1 (and have been sick, too!) and I think are in the same place...was trying to set up all rooms at once, now working on one at a time!

Hope it goes smoothly for you...for me, getting better!

Susana said…
Hola Lala! Qué casa tan bonita!!! Me encantan las fotos y saber que os estáis instalando bien. You are gonna be super happy in that house, I can tell!!!
Elizabeth said…
This is so very beautiful
and so very YOU!
Oneday, one day
we will visit you!
love from New York
studioJudith said…
Lala ... .
Your images are cluttered, but charming! So good to see you are making progress with your new nest.
Linda Sue said…
What a lovely home- would you have it any other way? Didn't think so- your life is all about beauty. Very exciting making your nest your own, exhausting yes, but so fun. You have the best stuff! Envy, love!
kendalee said…
Congratulations on your new home Lala -wishing you both much happiness there! It's looking lovely from here and I think the only way to tackle the unpacking mountain is the way you're doing it, one step at a time. I find moving in is an evolution from house to home, and all this is part of that delicious process... Enjoy! :)
Anonymous said…
Ooooo, how fun! It is hard to decide on how to tackle "moving in." I rearranged my kitchen four times before I got it right. Enjoy yourself, and thanks for showing us all your goodies lying around waiting to take their positions in your new home. Such a beautiful place. Good for you, and congratulations!
vicki archer said…
I love your new home Lala...take your time and enjoy the process of making it your own, xv.
maría cecilia said…
Lala, qué bueno saber de ti nuevamente. El lugar donde estás viviendo ahora se ve muy hermoso. Nada mejor que llegar a una casa nueva y comenzar a poner por ahí y por acá todo lo que uno ha atesorado en la vida. Tu espejo y mesita de arrimo son preciosas. Animo que se puede, todo se puede!!!
Abrazos de hipopótamo
María Cecilia
Mélanie said…
ENFIN la nouvelle maison, j'attendais avec impatience. Cette maison est fabuleuse ...j'aimerais tant vivre dans le sud de l'espagne...
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear that you're settling in and the photos are excellent.
sinnlighet said…
I get such an urge to crawl into your blog & wonderful family!

Peace and love from a stormy and very rainy Sweden!

Yoli said…
Congratulations on your move, your house looks lovely.
dutchbaby said…
I see that a lot has happened in your life lately. Congratulations on finding a beautiful home. Your belongings look like they have no trouble belonging to their new home.
Relyn said…
Your home is so lovely. Those floors!!!!!!!!!

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