Please tell me what is more stressful than a removal ? Monchéri and I are moving to our new house, which is not even far from our former place and yet the whole affair is maddening. My eyes are getting tired to see boxes which are still opened, waiting for another cushion, a stray book, a shoe which have been forgotten. We've been at it since friday and even with the help of 8 friends, we're not done yet ! Well, we do it the Andalusian way, little by little with no rush and nice breaks with jamon serrano and apple pie.

Monchéri sees the removal as a kind of fiesta where he can show that he's the man fit for the job.
While, I on the contrary suffer from a strange pathology. I cannot make myself pack a box. So I supervise the whole thing with a very pronounced nonchalance.
My wish is that soon we will be happy and singing in our new nest.....
Hope you had all a great week end and I will see you soon if Telefonica keeps its promise that phone and Internet will work in the new house tomorrow monday....Let's hope so !
Besitos- Lala

Don't you think these cut vinyl record silhouettes are great ? This is the work of Spanish artist Carlos Aires. I took these pics a couple of years ago at a gallery in Granada. Please check his site to see more of his work.

pics : cut record vinyl silhouettes by Carlos Aires


Simply Mel said…
The Andalusian method of packing seems so civilized! :)
Dragonfly said…
Fabulous artwork! I've never seen those before!! Good luck with the packing/unpacking. The process of moving is no fun :-)
Helena said…
I haven't moved house in years and there's a reason for that! I don't envy you but I wish you good luck and I'm sure it will be worth it when you've settled into your new place.
Scarlet said…
The Andalusian style would suit me just fine. I love jamon serrano and apple pie...una copita de vino tinto no le viene mal tampoco. ;)

All my best to the both of you!! Soon you will be enjoying your new home.

PS - I love the artwork that accompanies this post.
maría cecilia said…
Hola Lala, I know how stressful is to move... I did it 17 times before creating roots in my actual home... but, don´t worry, changes are always good and they bring new begginings, much lighter for all the things you get rid when moving.
You are going to be pretty good soon.
María Cecilia
David Engel said…
You & me both. I'm moving in around a week. Just to the apartment directly above me. Still, I have to pack, clean, change phones, internet ... And I can't lift stuff, so movers are coming to assist. Hoping both our moves go smoothly.


sinnlighet said…
There is a harmony of all, you and your family appears to provide. I have finally understood who you are. in the photograph.

Fantastic that you are a wedding consultant!

Your blog is one of the most inspiring that I know!

Peace & Love

Agneta, the swedish one..
Steph said…
You seem to know the secret to a sane move. Hope all goes well. We moved into our cottage last August; I hope we never go through that again!
Caroline said…
Moving - aargh! I've done it some many times I've lost count and it never gets any easier! Good luck! These silhouettes are marvellous - just the thing to illustrate your post!
studioJudith said…
Mon dieu ... .

Nothing is more difficult than moving ... . even if its not far away!

Just confronting every piece of life and putting it in a box is so emotionally difficult . (to say nothing of back breaking)

Good luck, dear Lala!

Se'Lah said…
best wishes with your move Lala.

cool artistry. thanks for sharing.

hope you are doing well.

Susana said…
Lala... Telefónica might keep their promise and have the internet ready for you by tomorrow, but MAKE SURE you check they don't charge you extra! They are the biggest chorizos in Spain! I am sure you know!

Good luck with the move and show us some photos!
vicki archer said…
Good luck with move Lala...The Andalucian way sounds like a great way to move, xv.
Mélanie said…
Je déteste les déménagements car cela me rappelle ce que je fais tous les week ends : porter ...porter...porter emballer...emballer...emballer.
mais j'aime le changement
Joyful said…
Oh my! A move. That is so stressful indeed. I should know I have moved so many times, sometimes when I didn't even want to. Like this summer with the fire, the temporary lodgings in hotel, the move in and the unpacking...which sadly isn't getting done due to lack of enthusiasm on my part. I do hope I get get into the groove soon as Christmas is coming. I do love those silhouettes in your blog and how appropriate too :-) You are such a wonderful, creative mind.
We've been in this house since 1991 and we have no plans to move anytime yet! if it happens, it will be to a condo. Take your time to do it with less stress:)
Anonymous said…
I agree that there are few thins that are as stressful as packing and moving. I hope that move goes well!
DolceDreams said…
Good luck on your move...enjoy finding the perfect spot for your treasures in their new home...
How's the move coming along?
Oh with jamon serrano, I don't think I will ever be able to finish packing! :-)
Moving is exhausting!
But the good news can have a housewarming party, and you get to decorate your new home! Fun! :-)
lakeviewer said…
Hi. I came in from Oasiswritingblog, and find this place fascinating and inspiring. I think I'll return!
Christina said…
you are moving? oh i hope you will be happy in your new place.
loved catching up here, dear Lala.
Anonymous said…
Love the album cutouts, especially the first one. Very cool.
Yoli said…
Lalita yours is a great way to move, no stress!
Relyn said…
Carlos Aires is just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing him with us. I just love to "meet" new artists.

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