Happy pomander....

C for cloves and cinnamon
C for color
C for cool bauble

My little castle in Spain enters a joyous Christmas mood with pomanders, oranges from our beautiful Lecrin valley, a few chocolate coins wrapped in golden paper. Next week, Monchéri will start some baking. And I'm more than willing to spend my spare time making more pomanders.

Have a very happy week end !


David Engel said…
Lovely Lala,

I can smell the pomanders from here!

studioJudith said…
Beautiful, Lala!

I just bought some gold coins to scatter about, and now you've inspired me to make some pomanders.
It's been years since I've pressed those cloves in oranges.

Linda Sue said…
Ow! I made one of those years ago- it took my fingers a long time to become normal again. They are wonderful and last a very long time however so it may be worth it- I don't know how you can make more than one in a season! Super fingers!
lakeviewer said…
I can smell them already. Looking forward to spicier ideas.
Susana said…
Me encanta!!! Mmmm! I can even feel the gorgeous smell!
vicki archer said…
Gorgeous Lala....have a wonderful weekend decorating, xv.
The others have said it - beautiful and the pictures are gorgeous. Just started following your blog and love it. Going to Spain next week and can't wait. I'm looking forward to learning some of the Spanish Christmas traditions.
Sara said…
Mmmmm, I can smell those fragrant cloves! I have not seen pomanders in ages....I remember learning to make them when I was a girl. I love your colorful Christmas Lala!
Joyful said…
Sounds wonderful Lala. I love the way the cloves look in the oranges...I might give it a try :-)) Happy Christmas preparations.
sinnlighet said…
Good morning Spain, I got something for you on my blog!

Agneta from Sweden.... you know o;)
dutchbaby said…
Beautiful and fragrant!
Gillian said…
Gorgeous Lala!!! xoxo
Johnpatra said…

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Bralliz said…
Lovely picture, and lovely blog u got!

xo alice ♥
Ily said…
Your pictures come alive, Chica! ¡Que belleza!

I want my house to smell like your photos. :)
Kitty Shepherd said…
What a surreal two part evening that was last night, I can’t believe I went from the grunge of the Harley chapter Christmas heavy metal gig in a room small enough to be a lounge. (It reminded me off all those concerts I went to in the 90’s and ruptured my ear drums!) Followed by, part two, in Gym’s bohemian sandpit bar with the Blues band.
The bizarre-ness was even more highlighted by the experience of the matching of faces to the blogging personas of you and of course Tim Irving, Lala you are as delicate as a small bird.

The extraordinary bar I told Tim about in Granada is here; www.elbolichegranada.com and the great restaurant that does the Sabor del Meditarraneo en los fogones de nuestro Maestro Arrocero is called Maese Pio on the Placeta del Pulgar junto Plaza san Augustin. See you there one night I hope.
Mélanie said…
J'adore cette tradition. je peux sentir l'odeur. J'attends avec impatience de voir la mise en place de ton nouveau papier peint japonais
French Kissed said…
I was going to fill a large silveer punch bowl with oranges and evergreens for my dining table centerpiece. I think I will mix in a few of these clove studded pomanders as well. Thanks for the inspiration!


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