I fell in love....

Christmas is nearly knocking at our door and yet my mind focuses on weddings, ivory silk, flowers and ribbons, rose petals and lace. I pursue my search for beautiful venues for my weddings and this is how I fell in love last saturday. I fell in love with a house from the XIXth century. Or rather should I say, I first fell in love with its gardens. Since then I've been dreaming of a perfectly romantic wedding right here.
Oh no...not mine but may be yours !
The visit continues here

ps : I know, you all want to see the inside but some of the rooms are for private use and Iñaki, one of the brothers asked me, Lala por favor, no fotos dentro...
so the only thing I can tell you is that the decor inside is just stunning, delightfully baroque, very high ceilings, lovely fabrics...Well, I can't wait to go there for dinner ! Did I tell you they host private dinner parties ?


lakeviewer said…
I'm sold. I'm booking a flight to Andalucia as soon as I can afford it.
Susana said…
Qué bonito! Feliz Navidad, Lala! Mañana empezamos nuestros viajes a Asia... te he dejado un pequeño regalo en mi blog!
Linda Sue said…
Is this a REAL place? Unforgettable!!!
DolceDreams said…
Buon Natale! I can see why you fell in love, it is gorgeous Lala! I predict that you will oversee 3 weddings there at least in 2010...and they will be show stoppers :) It reminds me of an old estate only from the 20's in Hollywood that I got married at, The Wattles Mansion...Old, not too perfect, that timeless aging that creates such a romance in the air!
I wish you a wonderful Christmas,
This may very well be called "The Andalucian Steps!".

rochambeau said…
B E A U F I F U L and enchanted place Lala!
Hope you are feeling well and enjoying your holidays today!

Joyful said…
Beautiful! I wish I could see the inside too :-) Merry Christmas <3
David Engel said…
Hey Lala,

I think this looks like a great place for my wedding! Now all you have to do is introduce me to a cute chica! Glad you're doing well.


Christina said…
Isn't this a gorgeous place!
Inty swetha said…
that place is beautiful .. i really wanna spend one evening there :)
Sara said…
The stairs themselves are completely enchanting! How wonderful the rooms must be. Looks like a perfect venue for the romantic wedding...and I know if you plan it, it will be gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
I hope that you have a very happy holiday season!
Yoli said…
Lalita que belleza! Tienes que casarte en esta bella residencia!
Now you've got me I was in Spain on St George Day and saw the decorations in the Figuras spent the time around Costa Brava!
Im booking a flight out to find a Spaniard to marry right there on those steps to Heaven...hope I like the Menu!!!
jane said…
hi lala! thanks for visiting. wishing you a wonderful holiday. besos-jane from vitoria.
Jet said…
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Merry X'mas !

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Linda Sue said…
Lala, you are on my mind during this season, little creative elf that you are...and the song Fa LA LA LA LA Is about you, I am sure... Happy christmas!
dutchbaby said…
Those steps will definitely take a wedding to new heights! Gorgeous location!

Merry Christmas, Lala.
Elizabeth said…
Merry, merry Christmas , dear Lala!
and all blessings for the New Year
Feliz navidad!

Those steps!....hmm...I see gone with the wind! ;-)
What a lovely post and what a beautiful photo. I loved the old building and houses in Granada when I was last there.

Felices Navidades!

Saludos desde Londres.
Khaled KEM said…

Joyeux Noël & Bonne année.

Je te souhaite tout le bonheur en 2010.


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