My handmade Japanese wallpaper

Do you remember that pic ? Well here I am again, making my Japanese wallpaper. Last week end, Monchéri and I wanted to hang my handmade strips of wallpaper in the office space and discovered that they are actually too short. So I'm doing it again. I need to make 40 of those. I don't mind, painting kanjis and little objects is very relaxing ! The kanjis represent poetic names of Japanese cakes called wagashi, my favorite one being hana no en, "the banquet under the flowers" or hana chiru sato, "the place where the flowers are being scattered by the wind". Cool names for cakes, non ?

By the way, one of my latest blogs crush is the beautiful poetic blog of Ruma, Calligraphy in the landscape. Check it out for a daily dosis of oriental poetry !

ps : yes, turquoise is one of my fave colours !


Kay said…
Talented indeed!
David Engel said…
Hello Lala,

I have always loved the Japanese aesthetic. Spare minimalism, shibui... And I've created characters in my art work over the years. Then I've blown these characters up as compositions, and shrunk them down into grids for background and narrative effect. Wonderful stuff. Japan offers mysterious and striking elegance.


Christina said…
hi beautiful!
it will turn out just gorgeous. i know it will.
studioJudith said…
The Beautiful Lala +
Her Beautiful Wallpaper =

Linda Sue said…
Such an ambitious project! If you get close to the end of a strip and spill ink or make some serious mistake what do you do? I can not imagine the frustration level!
Very beautiful, Lala- you and the paper.
I am impressed. Keep the creations coming!
Susana said…
I remember that pic! Your characters are beautiful! So funny, today I spent the whole day studying Chinese and now I saw your kanjis (many of them Chinese characters, by the way!)
Ooooh...Andalucian home with a twist! :-)
Yes I remember this pic. I think I remember all your pics!
Oh this is just beautiful, how clever. You are color coordinated with your wallpaper too!
Simply Mel said…
The love, the art, the beauty you put into life is contagious!
Yoli said…
Lala mujer estas bella! Y as empapelado la pared con una creacion expectacular! Eres tan talentosa!
Diana said…
Your creativity is endless...can't wait to see the results!
Sara said…
Greetings Lala! It sounds as if you and Moncheri are very happy and are keeping quite busy decorating the new place. I'm glad all is going well.
Caroline said…
What a beautiful photo! The colours are super! Nice wallpaper too!
maría cecilia said…
Hola querida Lala, my gosh!!!! that wallpaper is wonderful, art, pure art what you have been doing!!!!! A great job!! Love it, love it, love it!! And you look so pretty in your turquoise dress!!!
Have a great time doing it again, so relaxing as you say, I can imagine it!!
Un abrazo cariñoso
María Cecilia
Inty swetha said…
its simply elegant..
Velva said…
The wallpaper is going to be stunning! Wow!

This is the first time to your blog. Very nice.
Anonymous said…
That wallpaper is really cool!

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