Sunday gift wrapping

On sunday morning our friend the sun decided to wake up late and instead of going for a walk, I wrapped a few gifts, books and chocolate mainly. My favorite thing as always is to place a few chocolate coins wrapped in silver or gold paper for good luck and prosperity. God knows it's much needed in this time of crisis !
Here the tradition is to exchange gifts on Kings'day, on january 6th which is immediately followed by the sales. Well, actually some shops in Granada already started to offer big discounts as things are not too good. It's so sad to see little shops folding one after the other for lack of business. I do wish 2010 will be if not recession-less a bit better than 2009 !

Wishing a very happy sunday ! Are you gift wrapping too ?


rochambeau said…
Merry Christmas Lala.
Beautiful wrapping you are doing here!
Wishing you and your Cherie a very
Merry Christmas!

Many many chocolate coins to you!
studioJudith said…
I've been gift wrapping all week!
Along with you, the gifts I've sent out were mostly small boxes of chocolate, some cookies and
those wonderful gold wrapped coins.
I wish I'd photographed them before they left, so I could share my pics.
Your gifts are such beautiful treasures ... .
Love the simplicity of the folded fan - Jjjj
Ily said…
That's beautiful and original giftwrapping!

I started last night and I wrote some Christmas cards. I'm off now to shop for incense and oil burners, and maybe some bookstore gift cards!

Que la pases bien, amiga. Thanks for sharing. I could use some chocolate coins wrapped in gold in my Christmas stocking! :)
Joyful said…
I love your originality in gift wrapping. I wrapped my parcels a week ago. They are now sitting under the tree ready to take a journey soon. The tree will come too! I wish I had some of those chocolate coins. I think I will look for some before I leave. Too bad I didn't have them before I wrapped the gifts. At this time I am sending all my love to you and your cherie and wishing you a very wonderful season, a peaceful mind and a happy start to the new year. Big hugs xx
Patricia said…
I found an entire bag of beautiful hand made ornaments from Ecuador at a church thrift for $2. last fall. Each darling item was hand made from straw and included adorable figures as well. These are all being used to decorate packages with hand decorated papers.

This is the best time of year!
Diana said…
I love your wrapping! Things are pretty lean here too...I too hope the recession eases up. Happy Holidays Lala!
Yes! I am gift wrapping too! And will be to the very last minute. Your gifts are beautiful and the recipients shall be so happy. Merry Christmas and have a wonderfully festive and loving holiday. XO
Christina said…
these are so beautiful Lala!
I miss you and send you so much love!
Mélanie said…
J'adore tes paquets , ils sont si jolis. L'emballage est pour moi une partie importante du cadeau
Relyn said…
You do wrap a gorgeous gift, my friend. Just gorgeous!!
maría cecilia said…
Què belleza los envoltorios, Lala, muy, muy lindos!!
abrazo de hipopòtamo,
Maria Cecilia

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