Adios Ferran...adios El Bulli....

A food post wasn't on my mind today, well, unless Monchéri could be considered as some kind of food but I just learned the news today that Ferran Adrìa, possibly one of the best chefs in the world and the father of what he calls "creative avant-garde" in the gastronomy sphere is going to take a break for at least 2 years and.... might not return...

Well too bad...I will never be able to taste his very unique cuisine. Adrìa says he needs a break as he finds it really hard to work 15 hours a day and still be creative....fair enough. He broke the news at the Madrid Fusion conference yesterday, also confessing he contemplated other projects, among them, academic research for Harvard...
I feel a bit frustrated but the man is right, like he said, "even the Rolling Stones don't tour all the time now. This is an opportunity to be self-critical rather than going round saying I'm the best." Very well said !

Here are photos of his fabulous creative food which thanks to Internet, we can still enjoy virtually

couscous with cauliflower
photo credit Francesc Guillamet

A very amusing homage to Spanish artist Tapiès
photo credit Francesc Guillamet

quince paste of red fruit with curd
photo credit Francesc Guillamet

frozen air of parmesano with muesli
photo credit Francesc Guillamet

mango and vanilla ice cream roll
photo credit Francesc Guillamet

Going to El Bulli is a culinary experience I will miss, believe me. I've been procrastinating picking up the phone to make a reservation for an improbable date in the far future. Monchéri never agreed on spending approximatively 200 € per head in a restaurant. I saw it more as a culinary adventure, something you do once in your life. I guess, one needs to be a foodie to understand this !

pics by Francesc Guillamet, exclusive photographer for El Bulli


Such a culinary genius. I would have gone to El Bulli with you, Lala. What an experience that would have been.

I know just a little about announcing taking time off. For me it didn't seem to last too long!

Catherine xx
lakeviewer said…
Inspiring food! We need more....
Anonymous said…
No! This is terrible. El Bulli is the best restaurant in the world. I hope he returns soon.
David Engel said…
Hi Lala,

Just saw the article in the NY Times which suggests that he'll be back. So let's go when he returns! Until then there are still so many amazing places to go in your neighborhood.


studioJudith said…
A feast in all respects .. .

Susana said…
I was also very sad to hear... we kept promising my mum we would take her to El Bulli! Now it is gonna be impossible... it is going to be booked solid until the day of the closure. But he is not going forever, he is planning to reinvent El Bulli as something different, possibly an academy or something like that.

Did you watch his documentary on TVE1 last December? It was brilliant!
Wow - the mango and vanilla ice cream roll looks absolutely delicious and well worth trying.

I suddenly feel very hungry!!!
Barca Bob
Mélanie said…
J'ai toujours rêvé d'y aller mais les réservations sont quasi impossibles.
ON aurait pu y aller toutes les 2 car " MON chéri " n'a pas du tout envie de vivre l'expérience de la cuisine culinaire. POur moi, je ne vois pas le prix, je vois cela comme une nouvelle expérience et un nouveau voyage. J'adore avoir le sentiment quand je vois quelque chose dans un magazine , à la télé de savoir ce que c'est , de l'avoir vu , de l'avoir gouté ...
J'ai entendu qu'il fermait pour 2 ans mais qu'il allait réouvrir , je crois qu'il y a peut être encore du marketing là dessous , el Bulli est un grand Mégalo ...
PS : j'ai reçu ta carte, elle est magnifique !Merci beaucoup du plus profond de mon coeur
oiadweller said…
don't you love people who completely change the status quo... the man has changed the way kitchens, restaurants and chefs work and think.... the way food looks and the way it is served. He did to dining what the Cirque du Soleil people did for the circus. A true genius.... thank you for this Lala xxx

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