Ay que bueno el Spanish chocolate !....

How could I have ignored these two brands of Spanish chocolate, for so long ? Well to be precise Simon Coll and Blanxart are Catalan companies which have been making chocolate bars and products respectively since 1840 and 1954. Right now I'm tasting some 50% cocoa dark chocolate, the one on the left - please don't hate me - and it has a very nice almost imperceptible hint of vanilla. The one on the right with pistachio is not bad at all either.
I bought them at one of my favorite shops in Granada, on via San Anton. I don't know the exact name of the shop but you can recognize it easily for the coffee sacks and tea boxes outside.
I'm fascinated by packaging and especially loved the logo and typography used by the Blanxart brand. I started to take pictures of the products on shelf until I heard the gentle voice of the seller behind the counter saying : "humm....chica, por favor, no tomes fotos !". I must say, I don't quite get the reasons why taking photos inside a shop is mostly not allowed. I always try to explain that, it should be considered as flattering and not systematically an intent of industrial spying...But no, rules are, no photos allowed and that's it.
White chocolate doesn't appeal to me but the one with strawberry looks quite interesting....
Mmmm...how about this one....white chocolate and Madras curry...sounds like a good marriage, doesn't it ?
Back home, I checked both companies websites and was very happy to see that they also sell worldwide. So if one day, you happen to see these products in your nearby delicatessen, please treat yourself to some Spanish chocolate !

this small shop is in via San Anton and mostly sells teas and coffees.


Hi lovely Lala -

I will definitely look for these. I can see why you wanted to photograph them - that packaging just makes you want to pick them right up. I have such wonderful memories of Hot Chocolate in Spain, and of coffee too. I thought it was the best coffee I've had anywhere. Anywhere. I couldn't wait to get up in the morning just to run downstairs and grab a cup. The one I'm drinking right now doesn't even come close. Boo hoo.

Have fun this week and enjoy your treats,

Catherine xxx
Linda Sue said…
I have seen that chocolate brand here in specialty shops, now I am eager to buy some! The white chocolate looks inviting but probably too sweet for my tastes. I like dark dark almost bitter chocolate in small increments! Cheers and chocolate to you, sweet heart!
Susana said…
Chocolate blanco con moras! Lo quiero!
David Engel said…
Hi Lala,

When I visited Barcelona one of my must stops was Cacao Sampaca which had this very unusual sampler:



As a snack, cocktail or at any time, the funniest bid of Cacao Sampaka. Only for the risky ones. Sweet-salted combinations that show us the infinite possibilities of the world of cocoa.
Shiny couverture and inner parts made of truffled chocolate, creams and pralines."

As well as other more usual suspects. They also served Hot Chocolate and had bars of varying degrees of cacao. From the 50% range all the way up say 90%, and from all over the world.
This is a must stop for chocolate fans when in Barcelona.


Dulce said…
Ay qué tentación chica! I¡ve got my period and need lots of those ---so badly!!
Theresa Cheek said…
I have tried two kinds of the Blanxart chocolates found at a specialty store in my area. I am always on the lookout for the perfect chocolate!!! I love the sacks outside the store.
Tis a pity you were not allowed to take photographs. Some of my favorite photos are of little shops in Europe & in the U.S. Your blog makes me smile & I have left a little token of happiness for you on my blog. Please visit & pick it up for yourself... "Happy 101 Award".
Sara said…
It all sounds tasty. But like you I do not care for white chocolate...it's usually way too sweet for my taste.

I'll keep an eye out here for some of this chocolaty goodness.
Mélanie said…
Gourmande !!! Je ne connaissais pas ces marques ...
Mmmm from someone who loves chocolate, I liked this.
Marianne said…
Hi Lala!
I just wanted to say that your blog is the most interesting one I have ever read! I dance flamenco and Granada is totally my dream city (I've been there once though I don't even live in Spain).. so I envy you, because you can live in such a wonderful place! I hope that one day your reality is also my reality, because right now it is just a dream for me :)
Also - all of your blog entries are interesting and surprising, keep going!

With all my love,
Elisa, Croatia said…
ummm, que rico. I want some Chocolate. Maybe I can find some here in Croatia?
Anonymous said…
Beautiful packaging makes me go weak in the knees too. Thanks for taking a risk & getting yourself in trouble for snapping photos for us in the chocolate shop!

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