Long live the little shops in Granada

Twice a week, my mornings are spent in the streets and shops of Granada. I go to my favorite paper shop, Papela, then to my favorite haberdasheries, near the cathedral; I discover new florists; I enter feverishly in Zara home promising myself I will not feel weak in front of the embroidered linens. Granada is becoming a great place to shop....clothes, especially. The giant Spanish Inditex group which owns various brands among which Zara, Zara Home, Massimo Dutti, Bershka just to name a few, is present in all the main streets of Granada. Although, I appreciate the fairly good price/quality rate of these fashion industry dinosaurs, I miss the little intimate designer's shops were products are designed by young creators trying to break through. At least, the little food shops or kiosks still survive and hopefully will stay for ever.
If you lived in Granada, wouldn't you like to buy your morning paper, at Prensa Manolo ?
or buy your bread or churros at Enriqueta's, fresh from the baker and wrapped up in brown paper, like in the old days ?
or buy a good piece of manchego cheese in this old dairy shop ?
The dried red pepper garland is for me the culinary symbol of Andalusia. You see it in all the food markets, or hanged outside in the patio in village houses. It contains all the sun which shines on this land and is a fabulous ornament in the kitchen.
I kept this photo for last, because it is really my favorite shop in Granada. Small, with wooden panels, a high ceiling and a very charming seller who is too shy to be photographed. So I acted quickly, this is why the pic is blurred but I guess you can feel the ambiance.

Have a very sweet week end !!


David Engel said…
It is a charmed life you lead my Lala dear.

Linda Sue said…
Thank you for the wonderful shopping trip- beautiful little shoppes!
studioJudith said…
A stroll through your Granada
was the perfect way for me to start the weekend!
Hugs to you -

Elisa, Croatia said…
your photos capture the essence of the city!

Me encanto la foto de la Mantequerilla.

Since Split,Croatia (where I live) is a smaller city we still have the small shops throughout the Diocletian Palace, very charming.
Sara said…
It's wonderful going shopping with you!
Tony said…
excellent collection of little shops makes me long to get back to Spain again... role on easter
vicki archer said…
Happy shopping Lala and enjoy your weekend, xv.
Anonymous said…
Wow, Granada looks like a great place to live.
Joyful said…
I love the little shops and frequent a lot of them here where I live. On my street there are many young people who have opened new clothing boutiques too and have breathed new life into the area. We do not have the wonderful old buildings with character that you have there in Granada so it takes more effort perhaps to create an ambience. Shopping is no fun without an ambience I find. These days I do not shop much for clothes...mostly food stuffs or household items :-)
Patricia said…
I loved your morning shopping tour and especially the description of the braid of peppers...it contains all of the sun which shines on this land! Lovely.
Dulce said…
One of these days you'll find me there!

temptation is calling me from this your great blog!

What I wouldn't give to experience a weekend escapade down these Andalusian lanes! I LOVE little, charming shops! They usually have unique items. My one problem is I never want to leave the shops!
It's like I live there!

(Oh,I do love Zara! And I live in that store, too ;-)
Carlos Lorenzo said…
Nice blog. Attractive shops. You've got good eye for that flavor found only in traditional things. By the way, I've been twice in Santa Fe, Granada (piononos!). And also in the city and La Alhambra. Beautiful places.
Theresa Cheek said…
America cannot touch this! There is simply nothing like shopping in small european towns. I am envious.
SE'LAH... said…
i continue to live vicariously through you. hope you are doing well.

one love.
nuages said…
Thankyou for sharing your world. Days are made brighter & calmer.
Diana said…
mmmmm...lovely! A wonderful weekend to you!
Ily said…
If I lived in Granada, I would eat very well and my soul would always be happy!

Adoro tus fotos, Chica. :)
Susana said…
Prensa Manolo! Jajaja! Qué Español! Me encanta!
Lala, what a beautiful place! I would love to visit all of those little shops!

I received my gift of jewels card from you this week! Thank you so much! It is wonderful and brings a smile to my face every time I look at it and read your kind words!
Aurora said…
Bibrambla tiene ese encanto. Si. Y Las pasiegas... ¿Has visto las manos de la estatua de Alonso Cano, camino de la Alcaicerái desde la catedral? Son extremadamente grandes, pero preciosas.
Curioso lo de Papela. Era una de mis tiendas favoritas cuando estudiaba en Granada. Allí compraba el papel de aguas, carpetas... Tenían unas láminas muy bonitas.
Ah, Lala. ¡Qué envidia me das!
dutchbaby said…
Fantastic! I miss Europe when I see photos like this.
This makes me long to travel again. Love the pictures. They make it so much more easy to imagine myself there.
Amazing photos! Makes me wanna go there!!! :)

Have a nice evening! XX Nicky :)
Anonymous said…
Yes, I absolutely WOULD like to start and spend my mornings in your little shops. Wonderful!
You have the most wonderful little shops. I have to take a long drive to find anything even slightly as charming. I miss village life. Hope you're having a good week, my dear.

Catherine xx
HereBeDragons said…
I really want to try manchego cheese. I just watched an episode of "Spain: On the road again" where they went to see the cheese being made. Mmm.

I'm a little jealous that you get to visit all those fun little shops!

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