Will the lemons resist ?

Brave little lemons facing a hard Andalusian winter indeed ! Every morning I look at my neighbor's patio (mine is totally empty of plants or flowers at the moment) and the sight of the bright yellow lemons brings a smile to my face. They endure quite a lot these days : snow, rain and cold and they still stand proud. You know what I dream of right now ? A big bunch of mimosa flowers, the kind which smells very sweetly, to remind me of the sun....
Well, meanwhile I put a smile on Monchéri's face making a chocolate cake...It's a recipe I know by heart and of course the result is never quite the same. At times, it's very spongy, other time it's more like a brownie. But eh, it's the intention that counts ! You need : 100g of butter, 140g of chocolate, 4 eggs, 90g of flour, 130g of sugar.
you melt the butter with the chocolate. Pour the sugar. Add the egg yolks one by one. Add the flour.
Whisk the eggs white. Add them to the preparation and put it in the oven for 50 mn at 180ºC.
And serve with marmelade.
and enjoy with a hot cup of tea !


studioJudith said…
... . and your beautiful cake
brought a smile to my face on this cold gray morning!
( I do hope those lemons make it )

Kay said…
mmmm...delicious, add a little lemon zext so as not to let mother nature win! :)
Kitty Shepherd said…
Oh Lala, I can't wait to get back to Granada, we are snowed in AGAIN today!
lakeviewer said…
Oh no, poor lemons, with all that freeze!

Now, the chocolate cake knows no weather. Yes!
Linda Sue said…
Oh Lala, you are so good to him...he is a very lucky dude! the shot of lemons in snow- really cool and some how wrong...
Stay warm, dear one.
Simply Mel said…
Okay Lala, I'm heading to the kitchen right now! After I finish making my lemon mousse, then I might just have to try this chocolate wonder! Yum!
Karen Cole said…

This is a magical post, to be sure. Lemons with snow and melted chocolate.

Keep warm!!

Oh chocolate fudgy heaven!

And the lemon popsicles? Bless their little yellow hearts!
David Engel said…
You are making me hungry Lala! I want a bite! We used to make a Brownies Cockaigne recipe , 2 layers, and use raspberry or apricot jam in the middle. That was delicious!


That is such a delicious cake, Lala. I wish I had a piece right now. You are either practicing for Valentine's Day or you are a romantic at heart. I will guess the latter.

Catherine xx
Mélanie said…
Ce matin, j'ai justement un bouquet de mimosas de Hyères pour faire revenir le soleil dans la maison , enfin dans le show room !
Ton gateau a l'air delicieux, Monchéri a de la chance
Joyful said…
The cake looks delicious. Just what I would make for Valentine's Day :-) I hope those lemons do not spoil because of the snow and cold. Here in many parts of Canada we are having unseasonably warm winter. Yesterday we broke a record with 13 C. That is anywhere from 9-13 degrees warmer than the norm for this time of year. I'm afraid Florida's oranges are suffering the same fate as your neighbour's lemons. I do hope you are able to keep warm. Big hugs xx
maría cecilia said…
Don´t worry Lala, lemons will resist anything!!! Mother earth (pachamama) takes cares of all Her children.
Meanwhile, enjoy that wonderful chocolate cake with mermelada, y si es de frambuesas, mejor!!!!!
Maria Cecilia
Jay said…
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I'd like to exchange links with you to help spread some traffic around between each other. Please let me know if this is possible. Until then, keep up the good work.

Simonetta said…
lala, imagino o sabor maravilhoso que terão esses limões depois de enfrentar tanta chuva, frio e neve.aqui no rio faz um inenarrável calor.amo tudo de chocolate, faça frio ou calor. vou experimentar essa sua receita. bisous
DolceDreams said…
Oh Lala you have awakened my sweet tooth! I am off to the kitchen to get in trouble...
Have a great weekend,
sinnlighet said…
Your lemon metaphor is wonderful and can be used to much in life.

By the way, I came home from an operation yesterday (inflamed gall with lots of disgusting stones). As it can be ...

Thank you for you wrote so cute about my beloved Gustaf and his band Bleek!

Lots of love

Agneta, the swedish one
donna baker said…
I had a cookie recipe that never turned out the same. I couldn't imagine why. One day, the help mentioned the eggs. Sure enough, I was often using different sizes of eggs (they come in 5 sizes in America).
sinnlighet said…
Hello my friend, I was wrong ... it's me who is confused ... It was Linda 'Lime In The Coconut' .... and not you, both of your are my favorite bloggers.

Thank you for sharing with you, and the idea of the notebook is so great!

Lots of love

Agneta, the Swedish one
akka b. said…

I have a fondness for both items featured.;)

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