The bellas Granadinas

Women in Granada like to dress pretty. I often pass by elegant women and feel too shy to stop them and ask if I can take a picture of them. This beautiful granadina had her back turned to me so I did a quick shot. I was fully concentrated on her woolen frilly dress, which I totally love and before I could think of something not too stupid to tell her,
she was quickly rejoined by another young woman, with the same hair color, and dressed in similar style like her little sister...Cute...


I would love to have her hair! I remember how chic the women in Madrid were. Well, I'm off to have my hair done...and I guarantee it won't look like that. She probably has bangs thicker than all the hair on my head!

Catherine xx
Linda Sue said…
Such style- fancy yet soft and approachable- Our idea of fashion here is anything that is clean...
Susana said…
Creo que son madre e hija, no? Me gusta su estilo!
Joyful said…
Such a charming style for the two ladies. Here in Canada, you do not often see women dressed so nicely unless they are going out for dinner or an elegant evening.
studioJudith said…
So chic , so refreshing.

So rare.

Patricia said…
Wow, what an understated style she has! I am smitten with her jacket. Now that we have had such a bitter cold winter I would love to have such a chic hood on my coat.
Mélanie said…
Sa robe, je suis pratiquement sure que c'est Zara , j'ai craqué cette après midi mais j'aurais besoin d'un régime avant qu'elle m'aille aussi bien
Kitty Shepherd said…
Super moment, simply captured...I think you are taking over from Tim!!
Lia said…
I have just found your blog through French Essence, so very glad you did and in fact I have just lost 2hours of my day skimming through your beautiful blog.

I know the village of Durcal very well and many of the other places that you have talked about.
We were going to move to Granada a few years back but got held up with kids needing to complete schooling and are still waiting.

I am going to spend some time reading over the whole of your blog and am glad to have found you.

Much love
Lia said…
Hello again, thanks for the visit to my blog and the comment.
We would love to come back this summer, but funds are low and bills are high lol.
Mind you if you could find us a space somewhere cheap to pitch our tent, I'll drive from London to be there.
Note to harder on craft work in order to get back to Spain and met Lala.

Much love
Elisa, Croatia said…
Here in Croatia also very similar. The women are beautiful. Always looking radiant. I feel underdressed next to them.

A Mexican Chica living in Europe
Kristin said…
Love your photos! They sure look lovely...I love to see when people dress up a little bit! Wishing you a nice weekend!

xx's Kristin
Ana Gonzalez said…
Hola Lala:

Me gusta leer tus impresiones sobre Granada. Sí los españoles somo ruidosos, pero la culpa la tiene el sol, ja, ja, ja, que nos hace ser mas extrovertidos.

¿Conoces Cadiz? Si no lo conoces, cuando tengas unos dias de vacaciones haz "La ruta de los pueblos blancos" Son una preciosidad.

Un beso
dutchbaby said…
I, too, am shy about taking photos of people I don't know. I can see why you were moved to photograph these highly stylish ladies. Good job!

Are you familiar with The Sartorialist?
Caroline said…
HOw lovely! Super pair of photos!
Relyn said…
Oh! Do ask her next time. I am dying to see her face, now. And the front of her dress.

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