Andalusian inspiration today

After having slept so many hours over the week end, I feel in much better shape, so much so to have enough energy to write a trilingual post...Well this is exceptional, I guess the upcoming spring is inspiring me !

Tras haber dormido tantas horas durante el fin de semana, me siento mucho mejor y con tanta energía que hoy decidi escribir un post trilingual...pero es excepcional y creo que debo esa energìa a la primavera que por fin llega a nuestra puerta.

Après avoir dormi presque tout le week end, je me sens tellement en forme que j'ai décidé de commencer la semaine par un post trilingue...Oui...mais c'est vraiment exceptionnel...c'est le printemps qui m'inspire !

I went up to the roof terrace during midday and stayed there for a while. Daydreaming is my forte today. I look at the old tiles without seeing their defects. I see an harmonious mosaic of brown and yellow tones. Oh and also... I have visions of Oliver Martinez hopping on tiled roofs in The Horseman on the Roof.

Subi a la terraza al mediodia y me quede allí por un momento. Hoy me gusta soñar de dia. Miro a las tejas antiguas sin ver a sus defectos....Solo veo un mosaico harmonioso de tonos marrones y amarillos. Oh...y tambien, tengo visiones de Oliver Martinez saltando sobre los tejados en El Húsar en el Tejado.

Je suis montée sur la terrasse et suis restée là un moment, à rêver...aujourd'hui c'est la rêverie qui l'emporte sur l'action. J'observe les vieilles tuiles sans voir leurs défauts. Je ne vois qu'une mosaïque harmonieuse dans des teintes de brun et jaune orangé. puis bien sûr, dans ma tête, défilent des images du Hussard sur le toit.

What I love are the green herbs which grow between the tiles. This is life. This is spring.

Lo que mas me gusta son las hierbas que crecen entre las tejas. Es vida. Es primavera.

Ce que j'aime par-dessus tout, ce sont les herbes qui poussent entre les tuiles. Comme la vie. Comme le printemps.


Lynne said…
Happy Spring Lala!!
Perfect season for Love - loved the last post too:)
Gina said…
Hi Lala, Is that Lavender growing between the roof tiles? Beautiful colors. . . as only nature can concoct.
Jacqueline said…
Dear Lala,
Many thanks for popping over to see me. I am so looking forward to Spring. It's a little late this year here in the U.K. because of the hard winter. .... but, the daffodils and crocuses are beginning to bloom and the days are getting longer and warmer. Hurrah !! I love your photographs of the roof tiles and, isn't it amazing where plants will grow ? XXXX
Simonetta said…
que lindas fotos!
que lindas cores e texturas o seu olhar captou!adorei!
Dulce said…
Me encantan estas fotos... Qué hermoso observar y ver la belleza de un tejado...
Lia said…
Lovely photos. I love the tiles on the roofs in Spain, it's amazing how they stay up there.
It's a very clever construction technique that dates back centuries.

Nice to see spring starting to pop up after the winter.
We are 3 weeks behind normal in the UK because of the hard winter. But it's starting to arrive now.

Much love
Looking at those roof tiles brought memories of my childhood in Portugal ... Spring is a wonderful time! Thank you for making me smile today!
David Engel said…
Loving your Spring time vision of herb covered tile. Glad you are feeling rested, yet still day dreaming. Were your ears tingling Saturday night? I was chatting about you to a Madrilena I met at a party.

Much love,

Susana said…
Muy bonito y original este post... y muy internacional en tres idiomas! Nuestras aloe veras están preciosas... al fin llegó la primavera!
Diana said…
Lovely! Happy Spring!
Just stunning! The clay, the yellow mildew...the succulents growing willy nilly. True art! Inspiring!
Theresa Cheek said…
"Old and crusty" and "imperfection" mantra!
Mélanie said…
J'adore ces petits détails...
beatrice De said…
Depuis le Suisse, une vision romantique de l'Espagne.

Je connais bien y ayant habité 1année et 4 mois, à Minorca, la isla blanca.
Pero làs-bas, no abla castillano, abla minoecin, muy dificil !

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