Today is my home-work day with sewing and painting in the agenda. I had bought meters of a very cheap toile de Jouy at fabric shop Tramas in Granada and I'm now trying to finish some chair covers. Well until now, I've made two and need to make two more. If only, I could find the tidbit missing on my sewing machine....it would be a great help. In the end, I had to make them by hand...slowly but surely...
It's not a very elaborate toile de Jouy but it's cotton and I especially like the hot air balloon pattern. I like its soft color and super price (6€ the meter in 280cm wide !).
I was also about to tackle some painting on my new lamp (bought at Gym's shop) but I think it will wait this week end ! I'm curious to know what you think about the rusty parts. Gym would leave it as it is. More romantic and authentic, she says. On my part, I would just add a touch of gold here and there. Mmmm... I'm not sure...What do you think ?
I'm now going to relax with a cup of tea and leafing through Owen Jones' wonderful Grammar of Ornament which Gym lent me last sunday. I love it ! It contains about a hundred illustrated plates of every possible classical design : Roman, Egyptian, Indian, Greek, Moorish etc...Great source of inspiration.


Calle San Anton


Linda Sue said…
You are so clever and ambitious! Love the chair covers and the lamp- not sure if you should paint it a bit- I understand authenticity but seems that you might do it a favour by ridding it of some rust...Beautiful book of patterns! You inspire me always!
renilde said…
Hi Lala,I always like your photographs.I would leave the lamp as it is or 'dans son jus' as the french say.The rust gives it something more shabby chic,adding gold paint can work,but then I wouldn't paint all the rusty spots,just a hint here and there,otherwise I'm afraid it's gonna look to kitchy,But ofcourse that's just my opinion.Love to read your blog,Renilde
Joyful said…
Sounds like a wonderful day of creating and dreaming about creating. I love the toile fabric but one never finds it here on the "cheap" :-(
Hi Lala, I just started reading your blog and it is a great source of inspiration! Love the chair covers! The lamp is a definite score ... hmmm painting? perhaps a green milk wash and then maybe apply some gold leaf randomly or some burnt aumbur (wipe on wipe off in areas). - it looks awesome as is - truely a great find!
Gillian said…
Oh how inspiring Lala!!! So pretty...I love toile de jouy!

You sewed them by hand? You are good! That must have taken forever.

They look great!
Theresa Cheek said…
Leave the chandelier as is.... i spend hours trying to recreate what time and God have accomplished over time!
Being a decorative artist-the Grammer of Ornament is one of the foundation books we all own...it is a must for decoration! Great post.
renilde said…
Hello again,i'm not french but i live in Belgium,in this country there is a french speaking part and a flemish speaking part,i live in the flemish speaking part but i speak a little french.I've also been a lot in France 'cause i used to sell old and antique toys and curiosities which i bought there.Thank you for visiting my blog,Renilde
Simonetta said…
Lala, i love the messages you leave in my blog!
this toile de jouy is really wonderful, if i leaved in spain i'll buy the same, so clean, the faded caramel draws so nice. about the lamp i would leave the rust,i wouldn't paint nothing else, i'd try to find some round green, white or turquoise crystals balls to put on.in my country house i put some crystal and murano necklaces around a lamp,i liked it too much.
Anonymous said…
Your chair covers are gorgeous, I love that print! As for the lamp, a suggestion would be to paint it white then dry brush a light gold, silver or green over the contours in the leaves and along the arms of the lamp. It's abit of a plain idea.
Mélanie said…
je laisserais le lustre dans son jus , il est superbe...et la toile de jouy est à craquer
Lia said…
I just love the fabric, what a pretty print.
I have a book similar to yours which is all about art deco patterns and prints. They are wonderful books like hat to browse through and pick up ideas.

Fab job on the chair covers as well my dear.

Much love
Anonymous said…
The chandelier is beautiful as is, and would be equally beautiful painted to fit your personal style. I very much like the toile! The open pattern is an unusual find, and I also love the hot air balloons. Lovely job on the slipcovers - and by hand, no less. Such a clever and talented girl.

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