Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The little white village

I'm going back to Salobreña on the coast this coming saturday. It's only midweek and because I have some boring administrative matters to deal with these days, I'm really looking forward to the week end !
A few years ago, this coast was covered with sugar cane fields as Salobreña possessed one of the last sugar cane factories in Spain.
I so hope my roof terrace will look like this one in summer !


Mélanie said...

J'ADORE les terrasses andalouses. Lala fais moi savoir si tu as reçu la lettre

Kristin said...

What a lovely roof terrace!!! Wonderful atmosphere!! Have a nice evening!!!


anouk said...

Nunca he estado en Salobreña. pero he oído que es muy bonito, Suerte que tienes!

Des said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Sara said...

What beautiful photos...that white city on a hill, and the flower covered rooftop! I wish you a wonderful and relaxing'll be here soon!

Linda Sue said...

The white city looks like sugar lumps- the roof top terrace looks like frosted marzipam sweets- what a yummy post!

Joyful said...

Beautiful photos, Lala. I especially like the first one and the bottom one of the lovely garden. When you get your flowers blooming, I hope you will share the photos with us :-) Enjoy your trip and have a safe journey.

Lia said...

We loved it there and have some great photos.

Have you ever gone up to the castle, fantastic view up there. Mind you it is a trek up there. Funny thing was we thought we would find signs to the castle, but I don't remember even seeing one. So we just kept going until we hit the top.

We loved all the alleyways and pretty little house fronts with the pretty potted plants.
I think this is the place where most of the streets are one way, I seem to remember driving around in circles and then giving up when it all turned into a comedy of errors, parked up and walked around instead, a far better way to see the town.

Have fun.
Much love

Lia said...

I did post a comment, but it seems to have disappeared.

We loved Salobreña, got lost in the one way system, well at least I think it was there that all the town seemed to be on a one way system. We got fed up with driving around and around, when it all turned into a comedy of errors and we kept seeing the same places over and over, better to park up and walk.

We went up to the castle, most fantastic views from the top. Mind it took us a while to find the castle. Someone told us there was signs to the castle but we never saw one, so we just kept going till we hit the top. Was well worth it when we got there.

I loved the pretty little houses with all the alley ways and potted plants. Such a lovely clean place as well.

I remember we went to a great little fish restaurant but neither of us can remember which one it was.

Have lots of fun there and go to the museum, it's really rather cute.

Much love

Dulce said...

Buen viaje, ya nos contarás!

Susana said...

Qué bonito! Ya nos contarás cositas...

dutchbaby said...

I have no doubt that your roof garden will look at least as good as this one but it will also have a beautifully-set table with your delicious food and it will be buzzing with light conversation and laughter.

vicki archer said...

Such a pretty roof terrace....xv

sinnlighet said...

spark of life = your blog


agneta, sweden

Jacqueline said...

What beautiful photographs and a wonderful roof terrace. I'm sure that yours will look jusst as good. I look forward to seeing photographs of your roof terrace !!!! XXXX

Elisa, Croatia said...

Have a safe journey! looks like you are traveling to a beautiful city. and I must agree that roof terrace is beautiful..

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