Meet Martin the tailor....

Tailors are rare nowadays, except may be on Savile Row in London. A decade ago, sastres (tailors) could still be found in Granada and sadly there are only two left today. Every time, I pass by their shop, I so want to push the door and ask them if they would let me take some pictures of their workshop and talk about their trade. In the meantime, let me introduce you to Martin the tailor, whom we met last saturday at my dear friend Gym's birthday dinner party. Martin is Dutch and lives on the coast in Salobreña where he established his workshop a little while ago. We had a very interesting conversation about bespoke tailoring and what it can mean to a person. Martin has a blog and here is what he says about his work in a post humorously titled Consummate professionalism or professional idiot ?
.....No matter how much money you make, no matter how famous your clients may be, when you're in a line of work such as tailoring, inevitably people will tell you that the world has changed, and people no longer are willing to pay such amounts for a suit. Some are a bit less straightforward and ask how can one survive as an independent and slightly eccentric tailor: I wish I could tell them but I can't: All I know is that it works, there are actually people left on this planet, who value beauty and quality, and who are willing to pay for it....
(to read more go here)

Well...Monchéri is dreaming of a redingote and me of the suit and coat worn by Kim Novak in the question is : dear Martin, can we pay you by installments ?

pic from Martin's blog


Susana said…
Por donde vivimos no encontramos sastres y mi marido a veces los necesita porque al ser tan alto no encuentra trajes que le caigan bien... qué profesión tan bonita y qué pena que se esté perdiendo!
David Engel said…
Hi Lala,

How timely of you! I just bought a suit a couple hours ago & I will need to take it to a talented tailor. I wish I could bring it to your gent. Always wishing you the best.

Don said…
It's good to know some people have the nerve to do what they love.
Martin said…
@Don: Where do you find people who have the nerve to love what they do?

@Lala: It was great meeting you! See you next sunday!
rochambeau said…
Dearest LaLa,
Thank you for featuring Martin! His work is beautiful and rare and is a gift. All you say and he says I too relate to.

Most people have no idea how many hours it takes, now can imagine how to create a garment.

Somehow ? mysteriously I have always gotten by financially. The precise amount has seemed to appear at the appointed moment.

We have all been put on this earth for different reasons. Somehow I think you, Martin and I, are in our on profession for a particular reason. Money has never motivated me, LOVE and beauty motivates me!

Love to you dear one and to Martin and to your Mon Cher. Hope you are feel 100%

Elisa, Croatia said…
We had a few that I knew of in Colorado. My favorite shop was owned by a Russian couple. They are talented! Since I'm just over 5ft tall I always have to have my jeans altered.

What a great idea of interviewing Martin.
Lia said…
How wonderful to be a bespoke tailor.I have a friend who is the wardrobe mistress for one of the big London theatres, she has also worked for the BBC costume dept and has travelled the world working on lots of films. I was very lucky that she taught me to sew years and years ago.But most of all I just love to watch her take a piece of cloth and make anything out of time and often with only her eye, not even a pattern. She has 3 boys so when my daughter was young she had a wardrobe full of all sorts that my friend had made her and has promised to do her wedding dress when she is ready.
It is wonderful to come across people with such amazing talents.
Lovely post
Much love
Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comment!
Hope you're having a great week, don't forget to enter my Giveaway tomorrow!
Mélanie said…
Heureusement qu'il y a encore des tailleurs et encore des gens pour apprécier. tu me surprendras toujours par tes articles...
Theresa Cheek said…
He looks like something from the Sartorialist! Fabulous fitting clothes and great scarf!
Mara said…
:) you always have a way of finding out hidden treasures. It is very sad to see professions like that slowly fall into oblivion.
Martin said…
Heh, a treasure? Thanks!

I've a secret plan though, to ensure that this trade doesn't get lost. Check my blog, in 10 years you'll see what I mean :)
Anonymous said…
It's always a comfort to learn of someone who loves his art and is keeping quality alive. Wish I could indulge in the services of a tailor. Nothing EVER fits me properly.

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