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My post today was going to be about spices and then I stumbled on an old folder of photos of flamenco dresses found at a fleamarket. It made me wonder why on earth, I've never felt drawn to buy a flamenco dress at least to take part to the annual feria or rocio if such an occasion should rise. The thing is, I often find traditional flamenco dresses a bit loud and too folkloric. Monchéri suggested I should check the young flamenco designers who present their work at the Salon Internacional de Moda Flamenco (The International Flamenco Fashio Show) in Sevilla. It must not be easy to offer bold designs as the essence of the dress must be kept with its traditional frills but it's always possible to play with combinations of colors and innovative fabrics.

Surfing on the net, I found the beautiful web site of flamenco dress maker, Adela Olmos who lives in Jerez de la Frontera. Adela designs dresses especially to dance. I fell in love with the dress below. Can you imagine a glorious bride dancing away at her wedding just like this ?
Here are two models presented by Maria Carmen Cruz at the last International Flamenco Fashion Show 2010, this past january. I would love just to try them on. Their soft colors remind me of pastries. The cream and pale blue one is my favorite.

Talking about being bold, Daniel Lora who won the prize of diseñador revelacíon 2010 presented quite an audacious model in transparent black organza. Oh la la ! His collection baptized De Paris a Sevilla was inspired by Parisian haute couture and torero outfits in hot pink, violet and red. You can see more models here.

photo © Rafael Manjavacas

It's also interesting to know that over the past year this particular fashion segment didn't suffer from the crisis as much as the other textile sectors in Andalusia. If you take into account that a woman attending the feria changes dress at least three or four times during this special week, chances are the sales cannot be too bad. Especially as the rule of the game is of course to have new dresses every year.
Mmm...we'll see if I ever become a flamenco fashionista !

pics credits with thanks :

#1 Adela Olmos web site
#2 & 3 from here
#4 from here


Linda Sue said…
Lala- these dresses are so over the top they really could only be worn by artists, dancers, women who might be limited in movement but not in beauty! You should make a paper one- just don't wear it in the rain...
sinnlighet said…

Your post today..... soo fantastic!

Would you please send your address to Johanna today. Johanna owns a company in Sweden, where I have ordered a wonderful surprise for you, I wouldn't say any more, surprise you know.... The surprise will be send immediately from Sweden!

So please, just send your adress to


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Joyful said…
I especially love the very first photo of the flamenco gown. But they are all beautiful in their own way.
Theresa Cheek said…
Well, that cream and blue looks like decorative icing on a wedding cake! I love it! The see through one is very elegant and risque at the same time. Fabulous post.
Mélanie A. said…
POur moi le flamenco ; leur façon de de s'habiller et de se mouvoir sont si sensuels , sexy et glamour. Le flamenco devrait être l'essence même d'une femme ...Le tango me fait ce même effet
Don said…
Hot, hot, hot! I think I need to lie down.
sinnlighet said…

Now its on the way to you.... (the surprise you know), just for your information!!

Lots of love

lady noire said…
hey , i'm the newest follow of your lovely blog
Jocy said…
Glorious over-the-top dresses.
PK Studios said…
These photos remind me that some day I want to learn flamenco...I guess it's in my Spanish blood (part Spanish anyway)! So romantic and sexy!
I started following your blog a couple of weeks ago. This post reminded me of one I'd made last week, featuring vintage Spanish postcards. The ladies are wearing what I think are flamenco dresses in real embroidery and ruffles. My favorite card is from Andalucia!


I wonder if these postcards are all over vintage/antiques shops in Spain, or if most of them have migrated to other countries via tourists.
lady noire said…
thanks for dropping by my blog, i am indeed from dublin
studioJudith said…
Catherine at A Thousand Clapping Hands must see this post!

She's away for a while, but I'll give her a heads up when she returns ...

Have a yummy weekend, Lala!

I must say they are lovely dresses just doubt I'd have where to showcase them. Still when I visited Barcelona I saw a great flamenco show at St Suzanna. And returned with a lovely flamenco dress for my 7 yr old twins which was worn and admired at a cousins wedding.
claudine said…
reminds me of my trip to spain when i saw the flamenco dance. it was awe inspiring and full of energy! loved it. the clothes featured in this entry are all very pretty. i like the purple/lilac one. nice! :D
Hamptontoes said…
I am in love with those flamenco dresses...they are stunning! I wish I could dance the Flamenco! Fun post.
Veshoevius said…
I lived in the same town as Adela Olmos for a couple of years whilst learning to dance flamenco - so I know her and her work and some of the girls photographed on her website! love Andalucia and Granada - love this blog - so beautifully done - reminds me of happy times spent there.

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