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You know me, there is nothing more enjoyable than week ends spent with friends. Last friday, my darling Gym hosted another jazz night in her restored barn, The Sandpit Club which is now a lovely loft where Gym lives and paints and occasionally throws a party or a jazz concert. It is the third jazz night we had on friday and each time I tell her "wow...that night was even better than the last one!". You see, we're a big community of foreigners living in the happy Lecrin valley in the south of Granada and sometimes we're too lazy to drive to Granada just for drinks and music. So Gym had the brilliant idea to transform her loft into a live music venue with a proper bar and restaurant for our own entertainment. It's actually a lot of work for her and she spends a good deal of time organizing the band, the food, placing pretty white embroidered tablecloths on the tables upstairs. Gym charges 5€ the entrance to cover the band's fee and drinks are ridiculously cheap. Our friends Marianne and Thierry prepared some delicious food : orange & carrot soup, two different types of lasagna, black tagliatelle and salmon gravelax salad and chocolate and strawberry mousse. I don't know what it is exactly but those jazz nights are always a big success. I guess when the music is good, the company is really enjoyable and the food is great then we can just have a great time ! Thank you so much Gym !
If you're in the area, don't miss the next one (you can drop me an email for itinerary).
On saturday I slept nearly all day just like this sweet little girl I photographed on friday night who fell happily asleep in Gym's bed upstairs.
On sunday, I felt totally re-energized and made another cake topper then a bunch of pancakes for visiting friends. Sweet ones, with lemon and sugar, savory ones with ham and cheese..gosh I love pancakes !
This monday saw me a bit deflated as my cherished camera is technically dying. But the very happy news of the week is that blogging friend Sande, the exquisite muse of A Gift Wrapped Life is having a give-away. And a very sumptuous one ! Sande's favorite scent is lavender and her stunning give-away includes 12 Fragrant Sheets from Agraria perfumed with lavender and rosemary, a luxurious lavender and rosemary bath soap and a very elegant white mint candle. All presented in this beautiful lavender box. Incredible, non ?
I've been following Sande's blog for a couple of months now and I always drool over her creations and suggestions for gift ideas and wrapping. So chic and timelessly elegant...If you don't know her yet, visit her blog to enter her give-away and her website for a delightful treat....

Happy monday to you !

last pic from A Gift Wrapped Life


You are incredibly kind Lala to post about my giveaway. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I take it as a compliment coming from such an exquisite wrapper. I love her about your weekends and all the great parties and friends.
It is the best. Much love ~Sande
Yoli said…
Exquisito Lalita!!!!
Mélanie said…
Ces soirées Jazzy ont l'air formidable...
IL n'y a que des choses attrayantes et attirantes par chez toi.
Je vais passer voir le give away
anouk said…
Delicioso desayuno y un regalo precioso!!
Qué suerte!!
Bss fuerts
Anonymous said…
There's nothing better than listening to really great jazz.
Lia said…
I never really got jazz until I was about 35ish and a friend took me to a jazz club to educate me as he put it.
I get it now I really do but it was a long time coming.

Sounds like you all had a great evening and isn't that little girl cute.

Love the give away and glad to hear you are making more cake toppers as your last one was lovely

Much love
Reading about your weekends is becoming something I really look forward to. You seem to have such a wonderful, creative, and energetic group of friends there. My weekends are the total opposite as it is the busiest time at the restaurant and I'm usually home alone. (So I will live vicariously through you!) Your breakfasts are always a delight...always enchanting.
Kristin said…
It looks so good! I love photos like that! Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

:) Kristin

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