Potting interlude

...am busy potting
while spring is still slow to come
while my camera is still on the mend...
but never mind...life is good...Monchéri is cooking
and John Lee Hooker makes us sing...

Have a great week end !


sinnlighet said…
Lala my dear dear blog-friend,

Your life seems fantastic and I love your sensual 'spark of life' style!

Maybe you can present me for a poetic and kind-hearted spanish man;)

The picture today is magnificent, I love Spanish porcelain with this typical & beautiful patterns.

Hope the surprise will be yours tomorrow.

Lots of lofe

Susana said…
Beautiful... when are you getting your camera back?
Loui said…
Buenas dias
Love visiting your blog..
spent three glorious years in Rota..
traveled the surrounding countryside,
visited the villages..
and basically fell in love with Spain,
her traditions,
her food,
her people,
her moods!
miss it sooo much..
and you take me back every time with your posts..
whether it be the color of blue.
or the Whitewashed villages..
or the beauty of bountiful bouganvilla..
thank you for sharing..
I think it is now time for Churros y Cafe'con leche grande!
Cheryl said…
Spring is slow to come in Spain? I thought it was hot there all the time.

Gorgeous pots!!
Joyful said…
The pots look great! Are they yours? I guess you miss your camera. I know it is hard to have a blog without photos. Hopefully you will get your camera back soon. In the meantime, enjoy life and your cheri's cooking :-)
As much as we may love our computers, our net-friendships, and our digital cameras, it can be so refreshing just to...STOP for a day or two and do earthy, airy things like gardening outside.

It's still too cold here for putting pots outside, alas. They could still freeze overnight. I look forward to visiting the greenhouse in a couple of weeks, though, and choosing some big bright begonias to put by our door.

JCelestial said…
very pretty pots... what a lovely blog :-)
Mélanie said…
ça semble être une journée parfaite. JL Hooker en fond sonore et ton chéri en train de cuisiner .
Yoli said…
Lalita como me gusta el jardin en masetas. Por favor arregla tu camara pronto! Necesitamos ver toda esa belleza que siempre nos ofreces.
Run that House said…
I want your pot plants... they look fab. Ive just started my first blog so feel free to pop over and have a look around my house!
dutchbaby said…
Fantastic! I love the joyful simplicity of this arrangement. Even without blossoms these look great!

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