Stay in the pink.....

This will be my motto for the days to come. My little pink Canon powershot A430 camera is ill and waiting to be picked up by a transportista this afternoon to be sent to the service department in Madrid. And this means, 15 days without my beloved camera. Ay caramba ! My first concern was, will my blog survive ? I hesitated a bit between buying a new camera and leave this one on the shelf but I got attached to it and was quite pleased with it so I will wait and see if it can be repaired. I have faith....The problem doesn't sound too bad.
In the meantime, fear not, dear readers, I have a vast stock of pictures to dig in during this transition period. And as the title of the post says, I will definitely stay in the pink !

getting delicate roses
putting on my pink satin bracelet watch to remind me to give time to time
focusing only on pink thoughts....
...and pink gifts
not forgetting the pink drinks, alcohol-free

or a cool bloody mary
of course, all this in the lovely Penelope here in pink ruffles
alas I don't have such a glamorous négligé but my favorite vintage number - a gift from my siter - rhymes particularly well with pink Martini....
and of course, let's not forget that skies can beautifully pink too !
Have a wonderful week end !

Penelope Cruz pic via This is glamorous

other pics, my own and my work


Oh my.....a lovely pink way to end the week Your pink packaging is gorgeous. We really should be gift wrapping together. Have the best weekend.
Simply Mel said…
This post tickles me pink! One of my very favorite colors of all time - especially blush pink!
Gorgeous images....
Have a lovely weekend sweet friend!
Linda Sue said…
Pinkables! Adorables! Love pink- when i was little i would only eat pink food...which meant CAKE!
Joyful said…
Oh my, everything looks lovely in pink. Have a wonderful weekend :-)
Lala ... what beautiful images ... love Pink!!! Have great week-end...
studioJudith said…
Mon dieu !!
Camera withdrawal !
My heart goes out to you, dear Lala.

Such pretty pink pick ups .. .
all beauties.

Merisi said…
Pink! It must be spring.;-)

To your camera, a speedy recovery!
Don said…
I envy your pinkishness! I hope your camera snaps back to life!
Pink is my favorite too, so I am always thrilled to see an all pink post. Hope the pink camera returns soon. Happy weekend, Lala.

Caroline said…
So pretty in pink! Hope your camera is fixed soon!
aguja said…
Thank you for sharing pink! Especially as the sky is grey today.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your beloved camera. I am holding on to my own camera for ..... ever if I can!
Susana said…
Hola Lala, qué bonito todo de rosa! Feliz Domingo, guapa!
I have hot pink carnations in my room!
Now I'm working on the Penelope look ;-) ha!
Kristin said…
I love pink! Thanks for sharing this lovely post!! Your bracelet watch is so beautiful!! Wishing you a great week!

Kristin :)
Christina said…
you know how much i adore pink. these are breathtaking, my sweet friend.
Lia said…
Your are lovely in Pink.

I forget some times what a pretty colour it is. I'm not really a pink girl, maybe it's because I am surrounded by so many men.

Lovely lovely photos.
I do hope the camera will be fixed for you soon.

much love
Tracy said…
The pink drinks look particularly refreshing and delightful...can you share the recipe? I would love to make it here at home for some rosy spring refreshment... ;)
Vanessa said…
Funny you should blog about pink. I used to think it was too girly for me, but I have slowly warmed up to the color and now allow a few splashes of pink in my wardrobe and, in a big leap for sure, even in my lipstick. (It rocked, by the way.)

How are you, my dear Lala? There's so much to say...but for now, a heartfelt "Hola!" should suffice.

Best wishes from Berlin.
maría cecilia said…
Dear Lala, I couldn´t come before to thank your message and worries about us after the mega earthquake we had. I have loved this pink post and got crazy about the pink rose petals you photographed in suc a romantic way... I think you are getting very romantic lately!!
Muchos abrazos desde Chile,
Maria Cecilia

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