Antonio the fruit lover

I often pass by his shop in calle Puentezuelas and think, wow this guy must really like his products from the way he always very nicely arranges the fruit and vegetable pleasing to the eye and very romantic too. At least, it made me stop and shoot all these happy colors. I bought 2 kilos of Raf tomatoes as if we didn't have enough tomatoes already at home. Yes, I can now happily declare that the gazpacho season has started ! I'm not a tomato expert but Raf tomatoes are incredibly delicious. I'm now trying to remember if I had any in France. I think not. Like Antonio says, the best way to eat them is to cut them in half, with a bit of salt and it's like a taste of sweet summer which melts in your mouth. ( any nice tomato should taste really). May is the month when they reach their optimal savor. I also bought some plums and paraguayas, this flat fruit which resembles a peach and tastes like a nectarine. It's quite amusing to see people staring at Antonio's stall. Like we say in French, some really devour it with their eyes ! Then they patiently take the queue as if waiting for a little treat.

I should really cut out on the potato crisps but these ones here, Dealva patatas are one of the best I've ever tasted. I'm not a tomato expert but yes I'm a potato crisps connoisseur and they're fabulous. Prepared with a very light flavored olive oil so as not to overpower the taste of the potato, without conservatives, additives or colorants. And made in Spain...of course...

Now I want to grow my own tomatoes, eat them in the sun and dry them in the sun too....Ah ..the Andalusian slow life struck me again!

Fruteria Delicias de la Huerta

calle Puentezuelas


lynnie said…
wow.. a true feast for the eye..i too went to the farmers market at the weekend but the aussies can learn sooo much from the eauropeans ..all i want to do is come home and cook...lynnie
Simply Colette said…
I just loves those photos! I've been eating homegrown tomatoes this weekend!
David Engel said…
Thanks for your sundrenched, sensual tales of Andalusia. All that produce looks amazing. The curves, the colours... They scream touch me taste me... Yum!

donna baker said…
Loved seeing the fruits and vegetables but must admit I didn't know what some of them were. And I am surprised by the potato crisps. When I was in Europe, I didn't see junk food in the store. I thought Europeans didn't eat it. Who knew?
Oh, I adore fruits. I eat them daily. In fact I was brought up to appreciate and enjoy a variety of fruits. The market looks so alive, colourful and bursting with colours - which I were there to fill my head with the wonderful scents and sunshine. Am not keen on potato crisp, but I am happy that you enjoy them. I grow my own tomatoes on the family's estate in Germany - so delicious, you ought to try your hand at it:-)
Diana said…
mmmm....candy for the eyes, it makes me think of all kinds of fresh, wonderful things to cook!
yummmmmyyyyy!!!! Those photos are so crisp, I could practically smell the beautiful aroma of fresh fruit and produce.
My mouth is watering looking at the photo of the figs and the last photo what an array of colors calling to be savoured.

As always Mon Ami, you make me long for Europe!
Gina said…
Dear Lala, thank you for sharing your trip to the market. I'm rethinking our yearly trips to Europe. They are always in September. I think that we should come in May so that we can enjoy some of your beautiful produce.
Linda Sue said…
LOVE going shopping with you- the figs are my favorite! We had so many tomatoes last year I became weary of them, I have been off since! That is an amazing amount of tomatoes! All grown in pots on the deck.
SE'LAH... said…
homegrown tomatoes have a taste like no other. We actually used to pick them off the tree and eat them. Soooo sweet and tasty!

How are you Miss Lala? Miss ya.
Zaira said…
Hello! Thank you so much for your kind comment, your words encouraged me a lot!! xoxo
You have a delightful blog :-) I found you through blog... and you are the first blogger I have found in Spain.

I noticed that you lived in Paris too.. I ♥♥♥ Paris, just returned a few weeks ago and stayed with friends ...!
bicocacolors said…
que bonitas fotos, son tan reales, naturales y tan cercanas que puedo olerlas.
studioJudith said…
So much absolute Y U M to devour--
it's always a treat to shop
with Lala!

Susana said…
Wow... soy una apasionada de las frutas y las verduras. Me encantan los tomates, y ahora que estoy embarazada, me apetecen a todas horas! I will end up looking like a tomato!

I LOVE figs too... yum!

Happy week, Lala!
Ayayay! We can make a cocktail drink out of these! :-)

Oh yeah, I put salt on tomatoes too!
Have a great week!
angel said…
There is nothing, absolutely nothing better than to eat tomatoes with sea salt. We eat them like this particularly at this time of year in Marbella as they are DELICIOUS. Our favourites are the rama ones. My baby toms have flowers and I'm very excited!!!
Theresa Cheek said…
Wow! These shots could be Flemish still life paintings!! I love this post.
Oh this makes me crave fresh and beautifully presented produce, something you don't find very often here (or at horrendous prices)and that I miss... How I long to live somewhere further south... Lovely post, thanks for the inspirational photos. Love from London x
Yoli said…
Que rico me hacen sentimental estas fotos.
Mélanie A. said…
J'ADORE ce type de primeur; un vrai régal pour les yeux. tu as raison Antonio doit vraiment aimer ses légumes

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