Ay Cordoba ! (part I)

I left my heart in Cordoba ! We came back late on sunday night and all day I kept sighing...oh to be in Cordoba again ! I don't even know where to start with. It was too much beauty to take in three days. To sum it up, let's just say, spending the week end in Cordoba was like traveling back into time. The hotel we stayed at was right in front of the majestic walls of the Mezquita-cathedral which we visited on saturday morning. I honestly think I experienced a Stendhal syndrome while we were silently pacing through this amazing and unique place, during the mass hour. The organ music, the smell of incense and of course the abundance of magnificent architectural details....it was so overwhelming I had tears in my eyes. The mosque was built in the course of IXth and Xth centuries by the emirs and caliphs of Cordoba on the site of a former church. When King Ferdinand III reconquered Spain from the Muslim army in 1236, a royal chapel was built inside the mosque. Later in the XVIth century the cathedral was erected in the middle of the mosque, mixing Gothic, baroque and renaissance styles, which makes the mezquita-cathedral a unique place in the world.

That day, we spent most of afternoon, walking in the narrow streets marveling at the gorgeous patios
We entered this leather workshop which creates and produces decorative leather objects, keeping the Cordovan tradition alive : beautiful panels to hang on the wall, books, screens and amazing trunks

This lovely carriage was waiting outside the hotel
Its driver placidly enjoys his reading while waiting for customers
It's the quiet hours of the afternoon....No need to rush to go to work....
And here is our simpatico driver again which we met in action in one of the neighboring streets
See you next wednesday with more pics of Cordoba !
And a big big THANK YOU to my new followers !!


Sara said…
Lala these photos are so beautiful...I am swept away by the beauty inside the cathedral, and the streets too. I love the way you captured the light streaming in and the altar in the fourth photo especially. And the beautiful courtyard behind the ironwork gate. Thank you for sharing some scenes from Cordoba with us.
Linda Sue said…
OH LALA! TOO much beauty! my eyes are exploding!
Oh Lala...Cordoba, what a beautiful place!!! Your photographs are gorgeous and I enjoyed every one twice! I love the architecture and that pink bougainvillea is stunning!!
lynnie said…
magnificent..thank's for sharing lynnie
sinnlighet said…
Nice Lala,

Your camera lens puts me in a trance. Your pictures are so highly personal, and I love to be a part of this context, through the cyber-world!

By the way, I am writing in my book every day, and it gives me a Andalusian feeling..... every time when I open it!


Diana said…
So beautiful! I love the bougainvillas!
Spangle said…
Absolutely beautiful....I want to go there!
Gina said…
Lala, fabulous photography. Every shot a feast for the eyes. Thanks for sharing.
Susana said…
Qué belleza! Super romántico! Queremos visitar Andalucía!!!
Theresa Cheek said…
...where to begin!!! The bougainvilleas spilling over onto ancient stone....papyrus growing in the fountains...the interior of the cathedral with the banded stone, groin vaulting and Moorish influence....I am seriously looking into a trip!! :)
Sara said…
Hi Lala, how fun to see your comment come through while I am sitting here reading blogs. It seems you are ending your day just as I am starting mine. I do love this post about Cordoba...I guess I already said that! So beautiful. Have a good evening. I am getting ready to go out for a walk in the city of Orange.
Cordoba is breathtaking. I have friends who grew up there...dancers, of course. One of these days, Lala. Your weekend sounds divine. You have turned weekends into an art form.
Catherine xx
SogniSorrisi said…
Oh, how gorgeous! Would love to get to Cordoba one day!!
Oh mon dieu, those photos are so very beautiful... I've been to Cordoba as a child, but couldn't remember it being this stunning. Thanks for sharing, Love from London x
These images are so beautiful!
Thanks for sharing :)

Mélanie A. said…
Cela m'a rappelé des souvenirs. Cordoue est une ville si ennivrante. Vous avez vraiment des petits trésors en Andalousie
I can see why you left your heart in Cordoba. It's beautiful and historical. Love the architecture and the intricate details of the cathedral. Those pink flowers resemble the ones here ion my garden. ;-)
Margaret said…
How beautiful! Thank you for the lovely tour through the streets of Cordoba. I feel like I've been on vacation. Gracias otra vez!
Lyn said…
Beautiful serenity..just to spend the afternoon amongst all the charm, the history, and take the taxi to another lovely spot..terrific!
Relyn said…
So extremely beautiful. I especially love the shadowed view into the courtyard.

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