Ay Cordoba ! (part II) - fashion, food and flowers

It was the feria when we were in Cordoba, this very special time of the year when women wear their flamenco dress and walk in the streets gracefully with a nonchalant air. I loved it! And the romantic city of Cordoba is the perfect setting to wear such clothes. The two little señoritas below made me melt....so adorable!These two young women seated at bar La Gula graciously accepted to be photographed
Inside the taberna next door, this couple was dancing sevillanas
We happily watched while feasting on tapas and the famous salmorejo cordobes, a delicious mixture of tomato, red pepper and bread
Wherever we wandered in the narrow streets, it was a continuous feast of colors and flowers

We passed by this elegant couple at a crossroads
We stopped again at a bar for refreshments and I had to take a picture of her. I found her outfit quite interesting.
I passed by a few ladies in red.... with or without dots
I wish I could have taken more pictures of her. Isn't she gorgeous ?
When I spotted her, we were just on our way to chill out on the roof terrace of Casa El Rubio where the chief waiters stayed cool in spite of their black suit and the heat.
We're the first to arrive and our simpatico waiter was just finishing the table setting
Monchéri was also in black in white and cultivates more and more his romantic Andalusian look, letting his hair grow a bit
I couldn't resist to take a picture of her. She was standing in front of one of the door of the Mezquita, obviously waiting for some friends. So chic and elegant...
The day after, Monchéri took pictures of me in the same background in my favorite dress. Well, actually I just had two dresses for the week end. I believe in packing light. So I wore that one day and night...just added a bit more Guerlain rouge lipstick at night and a necklace but I had to forget about my high heels. It's a total no-no on cobbled streets !

I like to think that my dress was more or less matching my favorite dessert in Cordoba : a superb homemade fig cheesecake at restaurant La Boca, on paseo de Ribeira. We went there twice just for it......totally irresistible

Next friday, I will take you to Palacio de Viana in Cordoba which was unbearable of beauty too!
I will also add a little guide of places to go for a drink, tapas or....beautiful chesecake...


Linda Sue said…
INCREDIble! ALL! Especially liking YOU and the blue potted geraniums and the albino horse. So much loveliness I could spend an eternity on just this one post!
studioJudith said…
Well, I don't know what looked more divine - you or the fig cheesecake !!
So many gorgeous photos of your feria weekend , I feel as if I were a bird on your shoulder -

Kristin said…
I enjoyed reading this post sooo much! Great pictures, great dresses...such a happy post! Your outfit is gorgeous btw.!Thanks for sharing and have a great day tomorrow!

Kristin :)
What a uplifting array of pictures! My favorites are the two visions before the Mezquita door: the old-world, lush, tone-on-tone take of the mysterious woman, and your bright, modern, graphic take.
Yoli said…
Lalita tu y Monchéri totalmente devinos! Que pareja tan linda. La mas guapa de las chicas eras voz.
I just finished reading Part I and II - what a lovely get-away. Your pictures are so amazing! The more I follow your blog, the more I want to come and explore the country side there!!!

I love all the courtyards and the colourful flowers and of course the sense of simplicity in living! That fig cheesecake just about had me reaching for the phone to call our travel agent!!! HONESTLY!!!

Can't wait for Friday!
Sigh, sigh, and more sigh. You look beautiful and happy...Moncheri, too! Ahhh, Cordoba!
Catherine xx
PK Studios said…
So fun! You brightened my overcast day!
Joyful said…
Simply beautiful...the women of Cordoba, your cheri and you. You all look divine and the food and flowers are tantalizing :-) I'm glad to hear you don't try to wear high heels on cobble stones.
angel said…
Been planning a trip to Cordoba for a while, probably too late now with the heat of summer almost here in Andalucia BUT, come September I will be there. Your blog has highlighted it better than any dusty old guide book. You are living the life that so many of us dream of.....ah well, back to the school run and tea. :)
Dear Lala

Wow, what a beautiful, colorful mosaic of pictures!! I enjoyed every single picture!! You look gorgeous as well, you fitted right in with all the other elegant ladies...the one in the red dress, that lady at the door of the Mezquita...etc.
That fig cheesecake looks divine!
Margaret said…
That fig cheesecake looks positively divine. And I love your dress - what an elegant outfit for wandering through the cobblestone streets!
Everything here tells a delicious story - But that fig cheescake looks absolutely toothsome and delicious - And you look so warm, healthy and utterly chic. Love the flowers, especially the ones in those blue pots;-)
Dulce said…
Cuánta LUZ se desprende de todo esto que te rodea... mujer afortinada!

sinnlighet said…
What a wonderful balance of elegance and rustic images, as usual!! This post is a really RR!!

Lala, you and your husband is sooooo incredibly cool together & don't forget the single brother.... for me ;)

Agneta with love
José Luis said…
I read your posts every week (I like your blog very much) but this is the first time I leave a comment.
I was born in Córdoba , I grew up in Córdoba and I live in Córdoba. What could I say?
Thank you for those beautiful pictures and comments of my city.
You are a perfect ambassador !
I hope you and your monsheri come back again soon.
Beautiful! The atmosphere, the colours, the photos and your dress...everything, you are one very lucky woman ;-) Love from London x
Relyn said…
Oh, I do love these photo tours you share with us. I especially loved the focus on all the beautiful and beautifully dressed women. I loved the waitress, too. And you - so lovely.
Sara said…
Those Flamenco dresses are wonderful. So is yours! And the fig cheesecake...wish I could taste it!
Mélanie A. said…
J'adore la grace de ces andalouses . Mais tu n'as rien à leur envier , tu es superbe , j'adore ta robe et ton sombrero
Ily said…
Thank you for letting me escape into your world of fashion and beauty. You and your love look so stylish and the elegant chicas look great, too!!

¡Que viva España!

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