Slowly but surely

Sometimes there's no need to complain about the nonchalant slowliness of the Andalusian way. Do you remember I told you, camera will be delivered to me on Monday? is wednesday and there's still no camera in sight. It has been shipped from Madrid to a transporter in Granada without any problem by Canon service center. And it seems that this transporter is either using mules or just too busy. At least today, he called me and we were able to solve a minor thing. He actually sent someone on monday and tuesday, but they now realized, the messenger knocked at a wrong number....So we're back to square one. The manager on the phone was very sorry, he even made me laugh by saying he would himself in person deliver my camera to me, tomorrow morning at 10am sharp. We'll see !

edit on thursday :

I waited for the transportista (Envialia) from 10 to 12 this morning. Hum...would you be surprised if I tell you noone showed up ? The worst thing is that it is impossible to contact them as their phone line is disturbed. In the end I called the Envialia center in Madrid who luckily had a mobile phone number to give me and I could at last talk to the transporter who was to come this morning. He was too busy to pass by this morning and will come at 6pm or a bit later....Ouf...Yes...slowly but surely...I'll get my cherished camera back!

pic : man in the village


Joyful said…
This little story hit home with me. Just on Monday I had someone loudly beeping at my door in the morning and evening, then again on Tuesday. I don't usually answer the buzzer unless I am expecting someone. I was surprised then to go out yesterday (Tuesday) and find two notices of attempted delivery of a parcel. I guess something I bought arrived early. I promptly contacted the courier service and was expecting the delivery man on Wednesday (today). Lo and behold there was a beep again at my door at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday. It was the delivery man trying yet again. Bless his heart. Now I just have to put the contraption together. I hope to blog about it (the contraption) in the coming weeks if all goes well.

I do hope your camera has arrived now :-)
Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear that. I hope that your camera is delivered in the morning.
Sara said…
You've got me wondering too...will he really be there at 10 am sharp?

I hope so, for your sake. It is not easy to be without one's camera!
Spangle said…
That's something you have to get used to in Spain, even though it's annoying. We have been lucky enough, as our deliveries have been late, but at least they have arrived on the day that they were due to get here! I hope that your camera comes soon!
Dulce said…
That is a great example of slow life, slow city!

Take it easy... why rush?
You can always phone a few days later.
Linda Sue said…
Always "tomorrow" or "soon" ...Oy!
Sara said…
I hope it really does happen...soon!
Nina said…
I remember seeing a similar scene when I was in Granada. It was about 2 in the morning and I was confused as to why there was a donkey in the plaza at that time in the morning.

The slow life of Spain is one of the things I miss the most, though I understand why it can be totally annoying sometimes.

But think of all the perks you have! Helado, churros con chocolate de Cafe Futbol, beautiful views, the Alhambra...
I can so relate to you ... I was without internet for most of this week, waiting for delivery of a replacement internet stick for my computer. finally it arrived!!! So , I can complete my posts on our Paris trip.

I really hope, that he shows up with your camera as he promised. Your pictures are so good - I always enjoy your posts!

Sending you good camera delivery energy !!!!
I think I would take the slow life any day :)

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