Sun and shade

Since I've been living in Andalusia, I've noticed local people do not like to stay in the sun too much. They avoid it and stay in the shade. As for me, I never have enough.
We did a bit of painting this past week end in the patio and then most hours were spent on the roof terrace.....Breakfasts are ideal there but we get easily lazy, leafing through old issues of Côté Sud magazine in order to find inspiring ideas for roof terrace design.
It is not a very big terrace but we have some plans for it : a velum to install, some pink bougainvillea to plant, a couple of day beds, more plants here and there, colorful cushions....well that's it for the moment... I hope to share this gradual transformation with you soon ! (that is as soon as I got my camera back - normally today- and that we get our hands down to it)

pic : a collage box I made a few years ago


Linda Sue said…
Your camera has been missing for TOO LONG! I am anxious to see what you are up to! Love the mellow gold and red colour of your card, beautiful- so sunny!
studioJudith said…
Brilliant image of your brilliant
collage box .. . Love it.
I agree with the locals, I want shade to sit in and sun to gaze upon .
You MUST be very careful with your
skin !!

Joyful said…
Can't wait to see your new photos. I agree with Judith to be careful about your skin. xx
Yes, sun, I love the sun, but now try not to expose myself so much as I did when I was young. We are working on our patio... new doors are to be installed. Then I'd like to have a covering of working on a design. Good luck with your progress. Waiting to see photos!
Denise said…
A wonderfully colorful image, one to make one smile and imagine the pleasant warmth of the sun. Sitting on a roof-top terrace and eating one's breakfast sounds totally idyllic!
Susana said…
Qué bien, ya tienes tu cámara! El sol me encanta, hizo muy buen tiempo el fin de semana, y me mojé los pies en el mar. Pero hoy... no para de llover!
Yoli said…
Que bellos esos colores con el sol arriba. Me alegro que ya tienes tu cámara!
Kristin said…
Dear Lala Ema, I'm so looking forward to see that transformation. Sounded beautiful! Have a lovely day!!
(hope you get your camera soon!)

Kristin XXXX
Mélanie A. said…
J'attends avec impatience de voir les photos ...J'adore les Bougainvilliers
David Engel said…
Lovely Picture. Lovely Lala. Come and see me!

Certainly a lovely collage. We get plenty of sun here and humidity being high, people tend to stay away from the sun. No sun- bathing here - stay cool in the air-con rooms or carry umbrellas!
dutchbaby said…
Lovely collage box, Lala! The colors and textures are brilliant and I love how you photographed them.

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