I think you would love Camel Stop shop....

As I told you last friday, once you enter Gym's shop, you want to stay there for hours ! Originally, Gym restored an old building and transformed it into a house with bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, painting studio, patio and roof terrace but then she decided to use it for her antique shop. She opens it on appointment only usually during week ends, so I went with Monchéri on sunday. While he was helping Gym to put back the top of the Moroccan tent up on the roof terrace, I could wander to my heart's content, discovering her latest finds.
And now, I let you discover it...welcome to Camel Stop shop!

This is the little thing I brought back for an afternoon tea lover...Isn't it cute ?
Actually, we then had mint tea on the roof terrace under the Moroccan tent, without the walls though as it was nice to feel the breeze. I will post the pics next wednesday.

Wishing you a serene start of the week !


La Dolfina said…
I love it... what a treat!!!
Thanks for sharing :)
It's my kind of place
Loui♥ said…
I can just imagine wandering around admiring all the delights..
and tea on the terrace under a tent!
warm sandy hugs..
Funny; I just had fresh mint tea...
What treasures you have here, my lovely; The last image is especially attractive. So dainty and feminine. Enjoy!;-)
Spangle said…
Wow! This is amazing!!!
Susana said…
I love antique shops, and this is definitely quite a special one!
Joyful said…
It is a delightful space. Thank you for sharing it. The tea set is lovely too.
Bonjour Lala. Oh, oh, oh, can I have a close-up of those beautiful plates on the dresser? What great finds and treasures, I'm surprised you managed to leave the place ;-)

Thank you so very much for your lovely comment today, I know so well what you mean with "time flies..." but I really appreciate you taking the time for your long comment and your idea for private sales at home is brilliant.

Your message is so lovely and supportive...and means so much to me since things really aren't easy. Thank you so much & Lots of Love, Carole xo
David Engel said…
More nice pics from the Lovely Lala! I particularly like the one of the mirrors. Your little tea service is charming as well.


Ahhhh...I see so much! So so much. Lovely!
Caroline said…
Wonderful - I just love those mirrors! An irresistible shop!
aguja said…
Wow! To both the shop and to the photography.
A deliciously tantalising post!
Where's my camel? I want to go there!

Catherine xx
Lala ... if I lived in your corner of the world - I think I would be there at least once a week - to see what was new. I loved the tea pots - and the two items you purchased are so sweet.

Thank you for giving us a peek inside, Gym's shop.HHL
Gina said…
Dear Lala, Thanks for posting more pictures of this amazing shop. I loved everything and most especially the colors of the walls.
You are such a talented photographer!
It's my kind of place and I could lose myself there. A wonderful trove.
dutchbaby said…
Thank you for welcoming us to this wonderful place. I love the Orientalist painting on the easel and all the Mediterranean shades of blue and green throughout the shop.
Theresa Cheek said…
Much thanks for letting me be a "fly on the wall"!! This is a wonderful shop....and those lime walls are to die for!
snoble24 said…
wow all those things are so cool looking.im sure gym makes alot of sales when the shops open.i mean the kind of stuff gym has in the shop has got to go like hotcakes
Lovely..!!!!!!! thanks for sharing..!!

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