My friends Gym's exhibition in Orgiva

I love my darling friend Gym and I love her art.....These are some of the paintings Gym showed yesterday evening in Orgiva.
Three men
Two women
Resaca (hangover)
Still life with skulls
The party's over
Mexican bathers
Three figs
(which I got for myself)
.....and here are the artist's feet ! J'adore aussi !...
I wish you a wonderful week end !!

if you're in the area, the exhibition takes place on the plaza until next week


Linda Sue said…
Your post has taken my breath away- AGAIN! Fabulous works and the shoes! Nice touch!!!Thank you for taking us along, dearest Lala.
Bon Jour Mon Ami! Your friend is extremely talented. The art is so life like. LOL... when I saw the figs - I thought mmmm... that is a great one! And than I read that you purchased it... from one fig lover to another have a great week-end !
Love your friend Gym's art, especially the one with the people in the water! The water has such movement and perspective! It's nice to see your happy life...I hope your summer is filled with flowers and abundant joy!
Cynthia (Puerto Rico)
These are so creative - I like them all, but I prefer three men.
never heard of the artist, so thank you for the introduction, always on the look-out for inspiring, creative painters. Happy weekend;-)
Don said…
Very nice! I like the first one and the Mexican bathers the best.
Joyful said…
Such wonderful detail in those paintings. I love the artist's feet too. Especially love those sandals.
Susana said…
Nice paintings!
bicocacolors said…
what a wonderful paintint!!!
Anonymous said…
This art is excellent. Thank you for sharing this.
studioJudith said…
Love the figs
really really LOVE those silver sandals !

I love your new 3 figs, and I notice the background is your favorite color. I enjoyed Gym's paintings very much.
Catherine xx
Elisa, Croatia said…
talented artist. how cute to introduce her feet! LOL
my favorite one...the Mexican bathers

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