My summer notebooks in Granada

I'm very pleased to show you my summer notebooks which you can now buy at my favorite paper shop Papela in Granada. And of course, as Granada is quite a long way to come, I will also reopen my Etsy shop and put them for sale in a couple of weeks. Blogging friend Gina, a very talented ceramist left me a comment yesterday which made me smile. She suggested I should put seeds of Raf tomatoes in my cards or notebooks...actually it would be funny to design recipe books with seeds in them ! Hum...but then if I send them overseas, I'm not too sure the customs would agree....
This series of notebooks is mainly in yellow and blue and refers to my favorite Mediterranean destinations, Andalusia, Portugal and Morocco.
As usual, they're manually bound and the pages inside are in white vergé paper.

Wishing you plenty of sunshine and a wonderful week end!


Horno de Abad, 5


Nice Colours.. Me like :)
What a delightful idea - am fond of writing so I adore notebooks. Look forward to your Etsy shop. Have a happy and sun-filled weekend! ;-)
Simply Mel said…
Dearest Lala ~

You absolutely know how much I love my beautiful yellow notebook! It resides on my bedside table to hold all my thoughts and ideas that I must right down immediately when I awake! Your creativity and gorgeous designs never cease to amaze me!
Hope you have a lovely weekend! We are dashing off for a rendezvous with Sean's parents in Mt. Shasta. Looking forward to a few days of being surrounded by majestic nature.
Diana said…
These are so beautiful!
Gina said…
Hurrah, Lala is going to reopen her Etsy shop. I love your new designs, so fresh and as always, so original.

And I cherish my notebook and card from your Etsy shop.

The custom officials probably wouln't like it if you sent very many tomatoe seeds. But only 4 or 5 seeds (that is all I need)could be incorporated into your designs, similar to the jewels you fasten onto your cards.

Aha, just had an idea, cover the seeds with gold leaf.
Susana said…
Lala, they are super beautiful! Please let us know when they will be available on Etsy!
Ily said…
I love the bright colors and funky designs. I also like the idea of a cookbook with seeds.
Theresa Cheek said…
FABULOUS! Etsy please!!
Bonjour Lala. Back from my break and I love your notebooks, really great designs. Love from London, Carole x
Gina said…
Hi Lala, left a comment for you on my blog, the Daisy post of a few days ago.
aguja said…
Your notebooks look 'delicious', almost edible and certainly a feast to the eye.
Don't you think that there is immense satisfaction in physically making a book??

Will look out for them. Will they be available soon?
Lovely to see them displayed at Papel. Who wouldn't want a stack for their summer ramblings? Beautiful, Lala.

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