A new sweet place in Granada - pasteleria Rey Fernando

It's always exciting for me to discover a new place has opened in Granada especially if it's a pastry shop. You know what a sweet tooth I am and how little I can resist to good pastries...Well that is just the problem...Good pastries are not easy to find in Granada. I guess, sometimes I have to forget about my frenchitude and just accept that croissants can be baked without butter and the same for crème pâtissière. Since I live in Andalusia, it took me quite a while to find a decent croissant (at Pan y Chocolate) or a good café éclair (at Casa Ysla). A few days ago, I was walking on calle Reyes Catolicos and discovered that a former clothing shop had been transformed into a very chic and minimalist designed pastry shop and the cakes presented looked absolutely alluring. So sorry, but there is no photo to show you because my camera battery was too low...arrgh...So these pics are from the pastry shop Rey Fernando web site. When I passed by, I just had a delicious solid lunch with a friend at Japanese restaurant Zakuro and although my stomach was full I couldn't resist to a cone of raspberry ice cream and bought a fig mousse to share it later on with Monchéri at home. The description written on the presentation shelf sounded very promising : purple fig mousse on vanilla flavored biscuits with berries and coated with white chocolate....
Well....in the end it was everything but promising....the texture was a bit chewy for a mousse and nearly tasteless but, never mind I'm still ready to go back to the brand new pastry shop in town, first to take some pics to share with you and naturally try more cakes !

Now, what I do like is the branding and packaging. I kept the cone slip paper because I found it really cute and I now use it for my little gourmand tableaux in the kitchen.


AH, such deliciousness here today!
You celebrate food and life so well. Am off to the website for more of these toothsome pastries;-)
Anonymous said…
I always find the cakes look better than they taste here in Spain. In fuengirola we have some lovely coffee and cake shops, but I am usually a little disapointed with the taste. Been on my diet for quite a while so any cake would prpbably taste good to me right now!!
David Engel said…
Hi Lala,

Well everything sure looks tempting! I hope the taste matches the look next time.


Don said…
I just gained 10 pounds!
I hope the taste matches the beautiful presentation that looks so tempting! Looking forward to your pictures and future reviews of the tasty looking desserts!!HHL
Gina said…
Hi Lala, Love the blue (is it a wall?) background with the stenciled pattern in your last photograph.
Let us know what you think of the new pastry shop.
aguja said…
I agree with Jenny that cakes taste better in Spain ... and they are displayed as works of art, too.

Thank you for those tantalising photos!
Well Lala, from where I'm standing, those look pretty good. Have you ever seen the average British bakery...enough said. However, being in London we are of course a little luckier with some great French Patisseries ;-)

Thanks for your lovely comment and compliment, I'm always happy when people like what I do and it does make me want to carry on, so merci :-) Love from London x
Mélanie A. said…
Peut être manquent ils de gout mais en tous les cas ils sont très beaux .
I thought that in Granada you could only find piononos..!! I'm still "con la boca abierta". All the cakes look so inviting..!!
Theresa Cheek said…
True works of art Lala! There is passion in his creations!
Sorry to hear about your disappointing pastry purchase, Lala. If you are like me, you are a member of the Pastry Police! We demand delicious pastries.

Love what you've done with the paper cone.

Catherine xx

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