Rainy fleamarket in Salobreña

Our Andalusian summer is being whimsical, it was hot on friday, rainy on saturday and hot again on sunday. On the first saturday of every month, there is now a fleamarket in Salobreña on the coast which according to my friend Gym is getting better and better. So I couldn't wait to go and see. The rain didn't stop me but of course when I got there a bit before 11, all the sellers were folding their stand because of the weather.
I was looking for an old trunk to use as a coffee table on the roof terrace and instead I found this.....It was love at first sight ! A tapestry which the seller assured me to be very very old, which I was a bit doubtful about. But old or not old, it doesn't matter, I love the scene which is represented and the atmosphere.
So in spite of the grey weather, yes it was a great fleamarket...at least for me, because I was so pleased with this find...
And of course, we had to celebrate with an espeto de sardinas at bar restaurant El Peñon. Sardines and octopus are grilled on wooden sticks in the open air by un muchacho muy simpatico.
Well we couldn't really stay outside because the wind played too much with our hair and the table cloth
Grilled sardines + tinto de verano, (the summer Spanish drink par excellence prepared with fizzy lemonade and red wine) , for me that's the best combo !


Looks like it was a wonderful day despite the weather and love your tapestry.That is some interesting vendor food and your pics are fabulous as you caught your weekend so well. I think I should come and spend a sat. with you, you always have the best weekends. Much love XO
Ah, the weather mimics life. Hot, cold, wind, breezy, sunny. I love those delicious looking sardines. Am inviting myself to lunch;-)
Great finds will brighten any day...and those sardines will help too.

Catherine x
David Engel said…
Hello Lala,

What a lovely way to spend a rainy day at the beach! I just had grilled octopus myself Saturday night after a long day of work. A little treat.


The tapestry is lovely!!! I agree!!

I'll be passing on the sardines (I remember my Father grilling them outside in the summer when I first moved to Canada - the neighbours were never to happy) unless someone removes all the spines as my Father use to..LOL...

but the grilled octopus ... don't start without me..!!! I have great memories of the Algarve in Portugal with my grandparents grilling it on the roof veranda!!!

Your post reminds me of my childhood past ... thank you..HHL
Carina said…
Oh how I miss those salty sardines barbecued outside. Solobrena was the place that convinced me one can live in Spain. We lived in Coin (inland, close to Malaga and Marbella) for almost 3 years. Loved it and missing our Spanish life a lot. Living now in 'boring' Aus as my daughter calls it. But enjoying it also, because anywhere in the world can be an adventure if your mindset is positive. Enjoy those beautiful Summer days!!!!!
Hmmm, grilled sardines, mixed salad, some boiled potatoes and red wine...heaven - reminds me of summers spent in Portugal... That tapestry is lovely, it looks like you've had a great weekend despite the weather. Have a lovely week, Love from London x
Diana said…
I love the tapestry (old or not!). The beach looks so lovely, despite the weather!
Yoli said…
Lalita linda, que fabuloso esta todo!
Congratulations on your happy find! You can do a lot with it, with various color palettes. And look at that fabulous big dewy glass of tinto de verano! I may have to Google the recipe, because you've got me craving such a thing.
J. Is A Bird said…
Oooh, I'm going to run home and make that drink (tinto de verano) tonight, it sounds wonderful.
Noah said…
I am salivating over those sardines! ....And that grill is amazing!

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